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Why I would never buy a Samsung appliance again.

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I hope you people have a way better experience with Samsung's customer support than I do.

My story started at the end of this March when my 13-month old front load washer (me and my wife liked it a lot, bought a set with the dryer) started making a knocking noise. It was still washing fine, just a random knocking noise for 15-20 seconds at different cycles. We decided to give Samsung a call. That's how it all started.

 First support represenative was very nice (most of them are,actually) and said that it might be out of warranty (I'm not sure how it's possible, I honestly thought that the warranty is for 24 months at least) but Samsung is going to take care of the repair.

I thought - great, I like this approach. Little did I know. Tech arrived after 4 business days, looked at the washer, started it and said that there is no noise that he could hear. I'm not sure what was going on with him at this moment mentally-wise but he placed the washing machine into 4-hour self-clean mode and left. Told us to call him back if we'll hear the noise again. We called him and his company back later that week, left voicemails - never to be heard again. Only after this I've read horror stories on Google about this "repair company" that Samsung outsorced for us. Bene Technologies, Columbia, SC - in case you are interested.

Ok, recorded the video of the washing machine, called Samsung again explaining what happened. Customer service rep was very nice at the beginning until we got to the point when I said that i still need service. I was told that he will have to charge me for the follow up visit. I politely declined it and explained that nothing was fixed or diagnosed and I would like to know at first what is wrong with my washing machine. He went to talk to his manager and came back saying that I'm right and that he will send the note to the same tech who was at my house before to come back for the follow up visit. That's where I had to politely request another company to be outsourced to do work at my house because previous tech (and judging from reviews it's the only tech for this "repair company") doesn't know how to work on this type of appliance. Customer service rep agreed to look for another company in my area. After about 10 minutes he informed me that he is not able to set up a follow up visit with another company, it'll have to be a new ticket. I said that this is absolutely fine as long as I'm not getting charged. Well, he still set it up the way that it was a charge repair and not the warranty repair, but I was able to correct it the same day with another call to Samsung. Just another call to Samsung support, not a big deal I thought.

Dispatched tech arrived in 3 business days, was super professional and it took him about 90 seconds to determine the problem. The central washing drum with bearings on it (apologize about wrong terminology, at this point my wife was taking to him, I had to be at work) will need to be replaced. He got the washer's serial  number, called Samsung Service (or whatever the name of their internal service department), confirmed warranty replacement, gave me an eta of 7-10 business days. At this point I was just happy that someone knowlegeable is taking care of this.

8 business days later him and his helper arrived with the part and started to work on the washer. After they disasembled the washer and started the installation of the new part they realized that it doesn't fit! Tech called Samsung Service again, got them on FaceTime - Samsung confirmed that they sent the wrong part!!! Tadam. I'm getting really upset at this point. End of April, I still don't have washer and have to drive each weekend to laundramat (I do understand that many people here do it as their regular routine, but they didn't pay the full price for the brand new washer just to find it to be a piece of garbage in 13 months). Technician apologized, said that the right part was ordered, they confirmed it with Samsung Service manager and will take another 10 days to arrive. Ok, whatever, I know that tech is frustrated too.

Fastforward 10 days later - absolutely same situation, wrong part and doesn't fit. Tech is furious, me too. We called Samsung Service and after about an hour of arguments they admitted that they no longer make parts for this washer!!!

The one that I bought 13 months ago!!! (almost 15 at this point, to be honest). At this point even my tech said that he is done with this stupidity and that they need to provide a replacement unit.

I've got in touch with support again (mid-May), argued with them a little bit, they reached out to the technician and after 2,5 hour conference call finally agreed to replace my washer. That's where the rest of the nightmare happened.

Since mid-May till now (July 7th) i'm calling Samsung every week twice or 3 times. I've been told about delays with COVID-19, people not logging in my ticket info, my replacement washer disappering from the warehouse (I kid you not!).

I've reached out to the trucking company that was supposed to deliver my unit on June 19th and they told me that Samsung cancelled the order (washer disappeared from the warehouse...).

Today I was told again that i will need to wait for another 2 weeks to receive my replacement (3rd time since mid-May) and Samsung will be in touch with me. I'm actually thinking about making a good youtube video about the process at this point to help other poor folks like me. I should have just bought a new washer in March.

My ticket numbers as a proof - 5125112589 and 4153022652.

Awww man, that sucks, my mum has a samsung washer & the bearing also went in it after a few months, samsung tech came out, went and got the part out of the van, no charge as still in warranty, difference is we're UK.
I get your frustration though, this covid crisis had me waiting for my new chest freezer from another company via amazon, bought 19th May 2020, finally delivered 2nd July 2020.
Fingers crossed it gets sorted ASAP now that the covid cases are slowing & manufacturing is going back to normal

Very common problem with their washers from what I was reading... I'm glad that yours was sorted out since the first try!


Wow, this was a long delivery time for Amazon, where it was coming from, US?

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July 14. another week passed and I didn't get any updates...

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