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Washing machine

(Topic created on: 22-06-2023 11:10 PM)
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Purchased a brand new Samsung AutoDose washing machine just over a month ago thinking it was one of the best on the market. It’s really not. The control panel decals/stickers/printing, whatever cheap stuff Samsung use, has started coming off. I have OCD so this is sooooo annoying where little bits are missing. On delivery, I noticed a crack around the dial as they unpackaged it in the van instead of my home so it was obviously damaged bringing into the property. On top of this, the panels are out of line with gaps down the side, some panels sticking out etc etc which wasn’t due to delivery. Very poorly put together. Do not recommend at all. The panels rattle when the washing machine is running because I assume they are loose or wasn’t put together properly. It says it cleans the drawer, it doesn’t. It leaves all the liquid on top of the detergent and softener compartment so you have to clean this off by hand every time. The alarm that lasts about a minute long and beep, are probably the loudest I have ever heard. You can turn the alarm off, but it beeps each time you press something, the beeps still keep going and there’s no way to turn this off of turn it down. So if I’m doing laundry at night, I’m waking everyone up! It’s ridiculous!! Do not buy any Samsung washing machines or appliances if you’re expecting quality. You’re only paying for the name/brand as the quality is appalling! Why have all these “smart” features when you can’t even put a washing machine together! You’re paying for the features and the brand, not the quality. Features are useless if you ask me. I use more on autodose than I did before manually and this is on the lowest setting. I go through 2 bottles of detergent and softer a month where as I use to go through one each a month. It says “quiet” but it’s really loud running, especially on spin or if the heater is on. Louder than the cheaper washing machines I’ve had before. Saving water? Saving detergent? I don’t think so.  Pile of rubbish!