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Washine machine WW90T986DSH/S1

(Topic created on: 12-04-2021 01:24 PM)
happy-customer 1
First Poster

Good afternoon 

old machine died 26th dec 2020, new machine bought as last 2 hotpoint have only last a couple of years.

new machine worked perfect for 2-3 weeks, then a load of bedding came out damaged, contact samsung and engineer attend with in 7 days , great!!!

Engineer arrived and was unsure what had caused this , check out seals etc , then told us he would tell samsung to replace manchine, so 1 day off work to wait for engineer . ok not everything can work perfect so first time possible just a duff machine.Ok we will be getting a replacment machine.


then phone call from engineer tell us samsung will not be replacing machine , but will change the  drum / tub and seals , 3 weeks with out machine 

another day off work , not the best for a new machine.

Then after engineer fix machine , work fine for about 1 week before another call to samsung , as machine would not spin, after resetting programme with samsung over the telephone and flooding my kitchen after been told to open front filter.

machine starting to work again, filter was of course clean as machine has done about 20 loads.


then this weekend 

1 load saturday morning , was on for a bout 4hrs before we noticed error stating removing detergent sudds.

4 hrs on and off to samsung , machine is on auto dispence then been told to take off by person on the phone.

restart another load , with in 1 hr same again.

now asked to speak with higher level person at samsung to be told engineer will be in contact,

so again no machine until engineer gets in contact 

feel total let down by samsung , we have used them for every other appliances in the house with no problem 

then to be treat like this , with a new product is total unacceptable.


Is any body else having problems with their machine???? 

paid a lot of money for what we though was a top of the range washine machine , unsure what to do other than wait!



Hey @happy-customer 1 ,

I'm really sorry to hear that you had this experience and would be more than happy to have a look at your case. Can you send us a Private Message to our Sam_UK account: myself or another moderator will take it from there.