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Samsung WW90T534 Auto-Dose Washing Machine with Wi-Fi Review

(Topic created on: 11-02-2022 11:40 PM)
Home Appliances

not had machine long but here I my first impressions and observations  of this model of  Washing Machine the Samsung 2020 Series 5+ 9KG Auto Dose Washing Machine Model Number 90T534WAN (in White) or 90T534DAN (in Dark Grey) 

*Auto Load sensing (weigh's clothes in wash drum before each wash)
*Auto-dose technology  (measures out doses automatically of liquid detergent and fabric softener)
*AI technology - remembers your most frequent wash cycles that you use
*Quiet Invertor brushless motor (10 year warranty on motor)
*Wi-Fi enabled (works also with Alexa)

*The port hole size is smaller than than our old 8KG washer . This 9KG diameter being 12" opening and the hotpoint opening being larger by only 1" at 13" wide ... but really makes a difference especially when loading larger items such as bed sheets 

* our old washing machine , a Hotpoint 8Kg Drum - this Samsung has a capacity of 9KG but the physical size of the drum is actually smaller inside.

* The porthole door does not open all the way back like the door on our hotpoint washing machine.

* why put a Black Door on a White Washing Machine? .. aesthetically it does not look right - also why make the door a lot larger than it needs to be seeing as the porthole width is not that large?

* The machine uses very little water to wash - sometimes so visibly you would wonder how it even washes the clothes with such little water. 

* Silly that you cannot silence all the audio signals and jingles of the washing machine - you can turn off that musical jingle at the end (which is far too long in duration Samsung!) but even though you can silence that jingle you cannot silence the other bleeps of the washing machine. - This is such short sightedness on samsungs part in manufacturing / designing the machine - you have a perfectly good menu window with all different options - they could have put in the menu "Sounds"  "Low/Med/High/Off/All Off" easily and had a choice of "Musical Jingle or Bleep Signal at end of wash cycle" 

* The option buttons underneath the display panel on this model do not seem to light up on this particular model but they do on other similar models from Samsung. 

* The large 7 Segment 'Digits' in the display panel show spin speed in large digits whereas it would have been more sensible to have the 'Time to End' Time in large digits on the display panel so that you could quickly glance across the room to see how long the wash will take to end , rather than putting the rinse and spin speed in large digits and the 'Time to End' info in smaller display font . 

Looks like this in the way Samsung have designed the window info display:

I think this way would have been better personally:
new display.jpg

* It is annoying that the 'remote control' by wifi that you have to keep re-enabling every wash and that when you turn the machine on again you have to enable it again if you want top 'start' the wash on the machine by the app. 

* The drum spins ant-clockwise , on our Hotpoint it spins Clockwise (I know I am being picky now) - I don't know  if in the terms of centrifugal force physics whether one spin has an advantage and squeezes more water out on one or the other but it looks strange spinning anti-clockwise. 

* The drain pump is noisy - I would have thought in the 2020's washing machine manufacturers would have come up with ways of making the pump sound near on silent , they still, like the older washing machines, have that 'graunchy'  sound to them especially when they are still pumping when the water has long been emptied from the drum - here you have a lovely quiet induction motor and then over-shadowed by the pump sound when emptying or spinning  

* The front panel would look much more sleeker and modern without the silver turn dial , they could have just put the soft touch capacitive buttons in that place for going backwards and forwards in the menu and selecting the wash cycle instead of this dial  which has a chance to possibly break of one of these days if someone brushes past the machine or is heavy handed or the kids start playing with it . 

* after filling the drum with water on a wash cycle you can hear a sound of a pump (not the drain pump but some other pump) , I presume this is  aerating the water and the wash detergent and air because the water starts to froth up with suds , this is even with the 'bubble soak' turned off in the menu , and on all the washes I have tried so far . 

* At the end of the Cycle the machine spins , and then turns immediately off (shuts down) thats it  .. no tumbling or anything until the clothes are taken out of the drum? 
I would have liked to see maybe a 20-30 minute delay after the clothes have spun before machine shuts down and in that 20-30 minutes just tumble every now and again (and play a few bleeps every now and again) until user comes along and takes out the washing from the drum (I do realise that when you press the wifi remote button on the front panel when you are away from home the machine will tumble the contents of the drum until you come home but I would like to see this feature whether the remote wifi is on or off personally) 

* The auto-dosing is a great feature but I have it set to 'Med' on both the detergent and softener and the way it goes down in the drawer (Quickly) I cannot see it lasting that long before it needs re-filling again.

* this washing machine seems to go into a spin better than our old hotpoint washing machine which was very fussy- if that was un-balanced in any way there was no way that it was going to even attempt to do a spin at all so clothes sometimes would come out sopping wet (I wish manufacturers with their fancy LED info panels will inform the end user that the machine went into a non spin mode on the display , something like 'could not spin' or an error code at the end of a wash on the display so the end user was not at a guessing game stage wondering did the washing spin or not)  - so yeah it looks like this Samsung will go into some kind of spin even if that means the inner drum wobbling like mad as it starts to spin (or even a low spin, well thats something at least) 

* There is pretty poorly design of a switch protruding  above the door lock - I can see that being broke off in a hurry easily when cleaning all around the door seal and it getting caught up in a cloth - what is it there for and why  did they leave that sticking out when designing it?
protruding button.jpg

* why (or why does it feel like its enforced on the user) that the first wash when you put on the machine is that Eco 40-60 the first programme to pop up rather than the cycle you use the most as the first cycle to show when you first turn on the machine? - they wont even let you remove that cycle in the settings when you go into the menu to choose what cycles you want to show - grrrr...! 

* When you want to adjust Temperature or Spin speed I find it annoying already to adjust - say i want 1200rpm - why do I have to go 1400rpm then down to no spin then count up instead of (as on most washing machines you go down , so 1400rpm, then 1200rpm, then 1000rpm and so on - that feels more logical to me . 

* The Machine does load sensing at the beginning of the wash, and it does this load sensing with the garments dry in the drum - it takes about 20 to 30 seconds with the drum tumbling and speeding up every now and again , here's a question why don't manufactures with the informative LED (or dot matrix) display widow tell you (even if briefly) how much Kg of washing the drum has sensed?? - at least it would give the end user an idea if they are overloading their machines or putting in too many garments for the particular cycle they have selected (Say if you are doing a quick wash and the max is 4kg say for the quick wash and a message popped up that you have put in 5 or 6kg in the drum - well then you could then stop the cycle and take some items out of the drum) I wonder why the facility is there to read out the weight of the load in the drum but they choose not to display it on the fascia

Only available on certain cycles such as Towels and Bedding cycles - it does add 30minutes onto your washing times

* the machine has a steam refresh feature but unlike some other washing machine with this feature you cannot use the steam at the very end of the wash to iron out any of the creases in shirts etc or to make ironing easier - its more like in the blurb from samsung more like a feature to kill germs rather than use it to get rid of creases in garments and only with certain cycles it can be used. 

I have had the scenario the other day that a lone Sock had got stuck between the glass bowl door and the gasket throughout nearly the whole wash ... it did eventually fall back into the drum when it done a fast spin during the rinses cycle 

Sometimes the time duration will come up on the display window and you will think 'wow that is going to take a long time washing' but you may find after the drum has gone through its load sensing bit at the start that the time will reduce , so don't be too alarmed at the beginning of selecting a cycle that it is going to take ages to wash when you first select the cycle. 

This Series 5 model (2020 WW90T534DAW) does not have an 'Add Wash' door feature on the machine  ... but I have observed that if the following have not been met:

Wash not been long started
Water level is under grey door gasket
Water is not hot

Then when you press the pause button the drum will stop revolving and after a few seconds you will hear a click and the door can be opened for you to add that forgotten odd sock etc... - then long press the start pause button and the washing will recommence where it left off. 

When washing , if you press the pause button (II) you can select another cycle say if you are halfway through a wash and its taking a long time and you want to advance to rinse & spin or decide you want to choose another cycle instead , you can do that but the caveat is that it will cancel your present cycle and will drain/empty the drum of water and start the new selected cycle all over again from the beginning. 

This model (WW90T534DAW/WW90T534DAN) has 3 sensor technology the first is
(1) 'weight' sensing to check the weight of the items to be washed, presumable to see how much water to add to the drum and how much liquid detergent to the wash - then there is sensor number (2) a 'water level pressure switch' to detect and change the amount of water in the drum (it seems to do this through the wash too so if it starts washing and halfway through the wash feels the water has been soaked up by the garments it will add some more cold water to the drum)  - then (3) the Auto-dosing sensor.  - However if you want true sensor technology you have to go for the much dearer Samsung washing Machine the 9 series WW90T986DSH/S1 priced at roughly £1,149.99 in the UK which adds a 4th sensor called a Turbidity Sensor. This sensor is situated in the sump of the washing machine and detects the 'dirtyness' or cloudiness of the clothes that are to be washed and sends back info to the washing machines  electronics that should change things like add more time to the wash or add more rinses if needed automatically and adjust/add more auto-dose washing liquid detergent to the wash , and more than likely if the items are not that heavily soiled then the Turbidity Sensor should detect and shorten the was time - so if your budget can afford this price this would be the best machine out of the range also you will get more features and more cycles with the WW90T986DSH/S1 as well as a faster selectable spin speed of 1600rpm as opposed to the maximum 1400rpm spin speed of the WW90T534DAW.

If you read the leaflets for the WW90T534DAW / WW90T534/DAN washing machines one of the selling points it lists is an Auto Clean Soap Drawer with powerful jets to keep the soap drawer clean of detergent residue ... but (I could be wrong) but I don't think the autodose draw type machines have this feature  - yes I could see the normal type soap dispenser models maybe having this feature but i cannot see anything different (apart from the nozzles at the back of the soap dispenser housing for the autodose feature) to denote that this autodose model has a stay-clean soap dispenser compartment myself.

Interestingly to note and that I have recently found out that Samsung have not added the  Twin Water Supply feature to this model of washing machine (WW90T534DAW / DAN) 

Twin Water Supply includes a water valve inside the washing machine with 2 cold water inlet valves inside where one of the pipes goes to the detergent drawer (auto-dose drawer) and the other pipe goes to the top of the grey rubber door gasket and sprays water from the jet there - this in turn fills up the drum quicker with water and because the drum can be filled up quicker with water the wash cycle can be quicker and the clothes get more thoroughly rinsed.

An example of this machine with the Twin Water Supply is the Samsung Model Number  Samsung Series 6 WW90T684DLH model.

Its no biggie and has no effect on the working of the washing machine but it is amusing all the same 😁

spelling mistake.jpg

here is a neat feature that saves you time scrolling through all the cycles with the dial button you can (whatever cycle you have the machine set to - or even if you haven't got a wash cycle set at all) you can quickly get to the rinse cycle by
long pressing the 'rinse' rinse.jpg button on the fascia
or if you want to quickly do a spin simply long press the 'spin' button spin.jpg on the front of the washing machine
- cool eh?

Anyone got any answers / tips / observations of their own on the issues I have raised or any explanations I would love to hear your thoughts  thanks. 

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