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Samsung WW80J555FX Won't Spin

(Topic created on: 04-09-2022 01:54 PM)
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Home Appliances

I put a wash on my Samsung WW80J555FX eco bubble yesterday and noticed it stopped around 19 minutes and wouldn't go any further, so the clothes were left soaking. I've unloaded the machine and tried all modes, where it seems to start fine for the first minute, pumping in fresh water and doing an initial drain but then stops and returns to the initial time shown on the front display. 

At first I thought it could be an issue with it not draining correctly so I  cleaned the front filter, checked all hoses are free of clogs and even unscrewed the back panel to check for any obvious issues. No issues here and I now believe it's an issue when it gets ready to spin. 
No error codes show but when I tried putting in to a test mode I seen online, it did come up with a '3C' which is a motor error apparently although this still doesn't show when trying to do a smart check


Does anyone have any advice to self diagnose and fix? I really can't afford to buy a new machine and have read numerous stories of people paying for new parts that then don't fix the issue