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Samsung Washing machine door seals on 2023

(Topic created on: 17-06-2023 06:55 PM)
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I have now had 2 washing machines with the same fault, water pooring out the front door of the washing machine the first did it from new and I requested that it was replaced (received 2 weeks later,) now approximately a month of using the second machine this also is leaking from the door in the same way and I have got error code 4C and error code 5c on a different occasion, I think I have discovered the fault on my model a Series 5 WW11BG046AEEU washing machine (but assume this may effect similar newer models) the door seal can accidentally be pushed out of place so the rubber seal is sitting too far back into the machine to be effective. So water can leak through the bottom of the door through moving where the seal sits I  believe it is now in the right place but can't confirm it is, despite explaining the situation Samsung refuse to send me a picture of how it should seat in place because they won't sell parts to customer (not relevant as the part although flawed in design is not broken) and despite it will only take me approximately 30 second to put it in the right position without any screwdrivers spanners or infact any tools, however they will not give send me a picture or diagram to show me the correct position for the seal. On recent experience it would be 10 days to get the engineer here and the way I read the small print if in the meantime I do actually seat the seal correctly I will be charged for a call out as the machine won't have a fault

From a design point of view I feel the design is flawed it's to easy to unseat the seal even when washing the lightest of loads

I have bought a lot cheaper machines from companies in the past from Beko, Hotpoint, and Hoover in the past, I thought paying a slight premium would mean better after sales services and confidence if something went wrong it would be resolved quickly, sadly I have found the opposite, the support from Samsung has been appalling multiple levels that are unable, unwilling and or untrained on how to help. and it would appear they are trying to profit even when their machine is flawed

I will phrase this a politely as possible my current experiences from Samsung are not giving me much confidence and I'm really starting to worry that I have made a mistake replacing my white goods with Samsung products

If you know the solution or if you what I believe the solution is feel free to post and I will explain what I did to resolve the issue.

If not the option which I may do it go to Currys a look at a sells model and see how it's supposed to look it will be a 30 mile round trip but a better use of my time than be passed from pillar to post by Samsung Customer Service

my son explained that Samsung are as useful as someones flatus in a elevator. He used slightly more colourful language but I get get his point.

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Hi, please could you post what you did to fix the problem? We have a huge gap between the seal and the drum which is causing numerous items to be lost through the gap as well as clothes now shredding. I am hoping it has just come away from the drum and can be fixed but I am also wondering if the Samsung engineer fit it wrong when he replaced the front panel of our machine a few months back