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Refrigerator size

(Topic created on: 06-03-2022 08:54 PM)
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Screenshot 2022-03-06 211906.pngScreenshot 2022-03-06 213738.pngSIMG_20220304_173821.jpgHi, the fridge is good, quiet. Just i am asking: How many of you think, that in these 3photos is the same product?! /But it is/  In all the sellers and even the Samsung pages  /where its was taken/  the product doesn’t match the photos shown!? The lowest shelf is 13-15% larger than the drawer, BUT in reality ~ 20% smaller. So you won’t be able to put any larger jar or even a small pot without removing some shelves.  This misinformation of the dealersis very sad, last  proof for me - can not trust nobody! The sellers does not think about another person, only try to earn as much as possible in any way. (Of course nobody responsible - pictures could be not exactly same as the product!!! )) ).  And totaly confusing to see this in SAMSUNG! The image of even such a company is no longer important - the main thing is to sell.  🙁