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Pump grating

(Topic created on: 11-08-2021 09:43 PM)
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Has anyone experienced a grating or scraping noise from the drain pump because i brought my washing machine (model WW90TA046AN) from my local shop, so i had it for 3 or 4 months now then when i tried too descale the machine the machine drain pump making that strange grating noise.  

Spoke to samsung regarding the grating noise, so they sent there engineers to have a look, i told them that it making a grating noise but he told me it could be dirt clogging it up, then days go by and on a odd occasions it keeps making the same noise, so checked the pump to make sure there notiing stuck but i dont see anything clogging it up apart from little hair stuck on the filter and that it.  So i went back to them telling me that the engineer investigated it and if i want to do it again i have to pay extra for them so i decided to cancel the booking because it be pointless and they say the exact same thing.   So today i went to my local shop who i brought it from and the engineer, he will send someone to vist and said these pumps are common to make that noise they do not drain as they had people who owned a Samsung washing machine saying the exact same thing.  

If Samsung know this issue about the pumps including the drum bashing in it housing if its underload or with a load that they advise us to use and why samsung cant resolve it as i got Autism and if the machine was doing normally i wouldn't even bother to call up.