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How to progress warranty claim when CS dont want to know

(Topic created on: 23-02-2024 06:36 PM)
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16-month-old Jet Vacuum has broken today - bin retaining clip snapped off. Customer services refusing to honour the 5 year warranty. Firstly told parts only covered for 28 days, showed them T&Cs where doesnt mention that. Then said not a valid item, again shown them it was and also got warranty confirmation. Finally said products that are damaged aren't covered. Escalated to complaints but waiting for a response.


Got 18mths left on Finance deal should i also complain to them under UK regulations stating goods are faulty. Want to just cancel the direct debit but that probably wont go down well.

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Do not under any circumstances stop direct debit payments. You will affect all sorts like your credit rating, and will incur charges for late payments etc.

Maybe get someone else to read through carefully the terms and conditions. To bolster your case.

You need to find out exactly what parts are covered by the warranty.

If you are in the UK. There are various regulations to deal with the quality of goods and it should be of suitable quality of construction to last.

By all means if you cannot escalate your issue, speak with the finance company and see what options you have.
Unfortunately I can't remember the particular regulation numbers to deal with the sale of goods act here in the UK. But a little homework to quote the customer services may well help to push things on

Also if you are in the UK, send a private message to @Sam_UK
It's possible that they may have contact details you can try
There are SO MANY complaints in this forum about Samsung Customer Service (I use that term very loosely).

Whilst I fully appreciate that Samsung sell millions of products every year and we only see a tiny number of complaints on here, there is a clear position here:

When things are good, Samsung are seen as good.

When things go wrong, Samsung really are truly awful. I know this from my own experience, eventually having to resort to a legal process to resolve the matters.

I would like to ask, what feedback to the Moderation Team here provide to Samsung as a business?