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Easily turn off samsung washing machine but machine has no program memory.

(Topic created on: 04-03-2024 11:11 PM)
Today I brought the Samsung WW90T684DLH. A £600, series 6 washing machine with both addwash and auto dose. 
We have just run our first wash load and have immediately found a major design flaw which seems to have been an on going issue since 2020.... 

So firstly, we have found how easy it is to accidentally turn off the machine mid-cycle. This is stupid but is not the end of the world for us. We can live with/work around this as I can also see from a safety point of view, why the power button works instantly, where as the pause/resume button you have to hold. Annoying, but whatever.... Can definitely see why this would be a bigger issue for households with kids though!

To add to this, the next flaw we found actually had me shocked and surprised, because when we turned back on the machine, we had to start the cycle again! It seems stupid that a £600 washing machine can't have program/progress memory!!... My six year old beko which we just replaced was only £200, and even that had a program memory function, so if there was a powercut or if we ever accidentally turned it off mid-cycle, it would resume where it left off when you turned it back on!

Surely this is a fix which could be made overnight on models with SmartThings via a firmware update. Or even if the machine itself cant be updated due to a missing chipset for example, having the SmartThings app remember this instead would still be a MASSIVE improvement over where we are at now... Sadly this would only benefit models with smart things capabilities, but I'm sure hundreds of people would appreciate even this app update as a fix!

So samsung, seeing as there are threads talking about this in 2020, with numerous emails to the CEO from other users, what have you done to work towards fixing this issue during this time? You claim that feedback will be used to improve future designs and models, but what do you have to show for it? It's now 2024 and Samsung washing machines are still missing a very basic and essential functionality, making them feel cheap and lacklustre... I feel like I was blinded by all the bells and whistles and didn't do my research properly...

If anyone else has been having this issue, post your experience here and let samsung know! Likewise, if you have this issue but found a work around/temporary fix such as covering the power button, post these here too to help others!
Everyone deserves to be heard! ❤️

Forgot to put in the child lock once. A housemate was wiping the machine as it ran, and accidentally switched it off. 

Switched it back on, but there was no option to resume previous wash. Had to restart, and the machine immediately drained the wash water. My detergents/cleaning agents, wasted.