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Ecobubble Burst

(Topic created on: 02-08-2020 10:30 PM)

We have experienced the same issues as everyone else. All roads seem to lead to faulty/failed PCB. We have the WF90F5E5U4W/EU which was bought in September 2014. By November 2016 we had the same mid cycle stopping on all programmes. Just out of warranty supposedly for 2 years but if you registered online, this was extended to 5 years. Apparently this doesn’t wash with Samsung customer services. Effectively they state you are lying and this was never the case. No changing their minds even with the documentation from Currys. 

What was even more laughable  was the fault code the machine was displaying wasn’t even recognised by Samsung. New PCB fitted by engineer at customer cost of £200+. No recompense from Samsung, despite the continued number of customer complaints.


Genuine Samsung part fitted and now circa 4 years later we have the same issue again. Clearly Samsung their is an issue with how you manufacture these boards. Get the message, you are wrong and not your customers! 

Will fit another one this time as cheaper than a new one, but will certainly look at getting a German machine if this fails again. My last machine lasted 20 years and only needed one belt changing. My mother’s Siemens washing machine 24 years and two belts. Samsung, this is called durability and reliability. Not some money making Ponzi scheme.


I will never buy another Samsung product ever again. Dreadful customer service and poor manufacturing.


The same problem here. Bought ecobubble 9.0kg in december 2017 and now juli 2019 the problem started, out of warranty ofcourse. Timer keeps jumping from 9 mins to 15 mins and the machine keeps turning for hours and hours.

Or it goes dark and you think it's done, but the load is still very wet and when I push the 'ON' button, it has stil 47 mins on the timer.

My mothers first modern washing machine was a Miele which she had for 25 years.

First Poster

Our Bubble has also popped. mid cycle stopped no display and just a relay click every 30 seconds or so, just shy of its 3rd birthday.

Sounds like its a common fault with these. ive read numerous posts all going 2 1/2 yrs  - 3 yrs old

Surley Samsung should do something to sort this.