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Eco Bubble problem with drum seal after 2 months!

(Topic created on: 09-11-2021 07:39 PM)
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I purchased my  series 5 8kg Ecobubble which was delivered on 6th September 2021. 

Once it was installed it was working fine, minus one sock always being trapped in the seal (I've read this has been a common issue!).

On 6th November 2021- 2 months after purchase- water started leaking mid-cycle out of the drum. The door was correctly shut and I hadn't overfilled the machine.

I contacted Samsung via Live Chat and they have me a call today. I sent over photos of the seal and a bit of loose metal that I presume was from the seal across to the email address they provided and said they would call me back- which they did.

I was informed on the phone that the seal isn't covered and I'll have to pay £140 for someone to come out and look at it/fix it.

This machine cost me approx £400 only 2 months ago and now I'm expected to pay an additional £140 when the problem is through no fault of my own?! This doesn't seem right to me!

Has anyone had experience of this or similar?

I have read a lot of consumers having similar problems with the seal and also 'trapped socks.'

What can I do? Just seems appalling considering its a new machine and very expensive!

Any advice welcome