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z Flippin phone died in less than 2 days

(Topic created on: 13-12-2020 05:44 AM)

Got 2 z flips Friday 20/11/2020 at about  16h30.


Put phone on charge and updated software as required. My fiance used hers on Saturday a bit, then Sunday when we were home she finally was busy setting everything up. Phone was on 8% when she put it on charge.


Sunday 11h42

Phone was just over 40% when it switched off. Both screens dead, no response after unplugging and re-inserting charger.

Took it to the store, who says there is a "not visible" scratch cause we put the cover (which was in the box) on. They not willing to accept as Out of Box Failure (within 7 days). 


Told them I want a new device as that one is roasted!!! They told me to see what Samsung say. (still awaiting feedback)


I checked on phone info samsung app which states its a refurbished phone!! This was sold to me by Vodacom as a brand new device. NO MENTION OF REFURBISHED!!!


Avoid these phones. Really not worth it!

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I'd say avoid the company you've purchased the phone from as their customer services seem lacking and if a phone is refurbished it should be sold as so.


Check the selling laws in your country and the small print on that companies pages.


They told me to see what Samsung say. ”


It's them that should be supporting you as the seller of the phone.


In the UK where I am It's the seller of the phone that applies the manufacturers warranty and have a Duty of Care to provide support.


Samsung may tell you to communicate with that company as that company supplied the phone not them.


I wish you all the best with this @Zflip 



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