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Still no phone after 14 days

(Topic created on: 17-10-2022 03:02 PM)
tom thumb


It's very frustrating and I don't know where else to go.

I bought Samsung fold 4 phones off the Samsung website in Ireland on the 3rd of October.(they were separate orders on the same day)

I received one the following day and returned two phones for trade in which have both been received and acknowledged.

The problem is the second phone never arrived and I've been beating my head off a brick wall ever since trying to get an answer other than "we will update you once we have an update from the courier company".

I've explained to Support staff @ Exertis that I've an account with UPS and they say that there was a label created by the shipper (Samsung) but they never received the parcel.

I wouldn't mind but I've sent back my other phone I was using as trade in (as you only have a few days to do it)

and am now left with no phone and no clue of when I will have the new one that I paid over 2K for .

Has anyone any idea of who to contact? to get an answer as to what's happening ,I find it hard to believe in this day in age with technology as it is that after 14days Samsung still can't tell me where the phone is or when I will receive it .

Thanks in Advance 

You say you brought 2 phones and you received one the next day and then sent two phones back as trading and are waiting for the second one to still arrive so why would you send two back if you had just received one. Did you send back the new one and well as the old one to trade in. This doesn't make much sense 🙄
Samsung Members Star ★
You do have over a week to return trade in after receiving the phone

That's was a mistake to return that before you got the new one

I would suggest escalating it with website support, where you brought it
tom thumb

All your questions are answered in original post thanks.