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Samsung one Ui 4 / android

(Topic created on: 23-12-2021 11:27 AM)
Right here we go so 6 mths ago android 12 came out.
Why does it takes samsung 6 mths to mess around tinker with it ?
Why can't we have pure android 12. Experience. 
Why Won't it run on our phones, 
Heres a tip release Pure android 12 let's us install like Google users
 While you guys tinker with your one ui doing pretty colours etc In meanwhile we can get on with our phones doing what we need to do while reporting the bugs, as apossed to now where we are waiting for you to fix it. 
By the time it releases a new android 13/14/15 will be only 6 mths away so we are always behind (expensive phone / old software) 

Never mind what phone you buy S21/S21FE out of the box your 6 mths behind the latest Google phone on the TV its out running 12 no problem
Somehow This is Wrong 
Buying the latest tech but it's running software that's out of date to comparison anything Google running.
If this keeps happening we all might need to drop Samsung and go to Google for the latest fast pure android experience. 
Ps Google working on a new secret OS apprently Samsung are looking to switch to that in the future 
Similar situation on Galaxy Watch 3 like me and was told the Current watch 4 runs on different software so I swapped because it sounded reasonable but the watch 4 in no different to the 3 and won't load Google software as it all a con with us switching our stuff with the manufacturer making lots of money and and no real progress in terms of development. 

* Sort out the watch 4 software like where's s Google assistant ? 
* Sort out android 12 before 13 comes out 
Or end up like Nokia did for ignoring the users needs. 
Samsung You have been warned

Merry Xmas Samsung 🎅
It takes a lot of time because there is a lot of work and bug testing need multiply that by how many phones Samsung has receiving that update and you got a lot of updates to do.

As for releasing ASOP version whilst they work on the oneui version. They won't do that because that will require a lot of work too which will take time away from the one ui development and no one will like the limited feature set of ASOP (Pixels don't even run ASOP, they run pixel experience which add all the cool stuff)

Samsung has gotten much quicker than they used to be at updating phones and that's with also increasing the amount of updates each phone will get. Samsung is one of the quickest to provide updates to their phones, six months is nothing compared to most other manufacturers which are usually nearly a year behind.

The galaxy watch 4 runs a completely different OS to the watch 3 but Samsung has themed it so it familiar to existing galaxy watch users and looks and feels like the rest of Samsung's eco system. It is a massive upgrade just not immediately clear, it opens more doors for future models and updates.

Also here is the update schedule for each devices. (It might not be correct but is a close idea as to when a device will see the update)
Lot ok tex
Not acceptable for a
£1000 phone in the case my flip3 or my
sisters fold 3 £1500 odd the phones are less than 3 mths old
u telling me they weren't running 12 on them in the lab before they were released then samsung builds phone on old software. That's pants..
12 was out already 5mths before they started selling them, they must have tested it on them before they started selling them.
So what your saying is Expensive item running old software.
I just bought a £1000 laptop comes with Win 11 not Win xp.

Samsung I will be back here every week till we get this update sorted I've bought the items NOW I wont what I paid for.
Its only fair !
Sorry lots of tex
Samsung Members Star ★
Considering Samsung, Google and OnePlus are the only devices using 12 and Samsung launched 12 a while ago, i dispute your original comments.

The OS comes from Google and Pixel users have many issues so pure Android has not benefitted. All Samsung can do is follow Google's lead in issuing patches. I have an S21 and received numerous updates. I'm sure you wouldn't be happy with Android 11 on your phone so I'm not sure what you expect Samsung to do in respect of things beyond their control ie Google.
Well a samsung maker , the big guns are out
Read your comments u guys need to a hard look in the mirror
And ask your self does this justify the price tag on your items
What are the companies USP is it flashy products folding bending running old software at a expensive price or is it stable products giving us a up to date user experience
Yr billion £ company not my fault you can't get your R+D to work properly
Remember I've bought these items not given for free I'm not reviewing I'm a end user.

Just dropping a little message here. Samsung makers are not Samsung employees, they're Community users, just like you. Although the Community forum page is for all to share their views, help one another and drop words of wisdom, we like to keep it civil. So, you're entitled to your views and all, but do remember you're interacting with another human.

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Sorry to say this but I think you're going to be disappointed making demands on here.

We are all customers in here unless the name says "Moderator" after it.

If you want the Android Updates immediately, suggest you buy Pixel devices BUT NOTE that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (whilst early adopters of Android 12) were EXTREMELY buggy on their release. In December Google released the December Patch with over 80 important updates.

I am rarely a commentator in support of Samsung but on this occasion........