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Samsung one Ui 4 / android

(Topic created on: 23-12-2021 11:27 AM)
Right here we go so 6 mths ago android 12 came out.
Why does it takes samsung 6 mths to mess around tinker with it ?
Why can't we have pure android 12. Experience. 
Why Won't it run on our phones, 
Heres a tip release Pure android 12 let's us install like Google users
 While you guys tinker with your one ui doing pretty colours etc In meanwhile we can get on with our phones doing what we need to do while reporting the bugs, as apossed to now where we are waiting for you to fix it. 
By the time it releases a new android 13/14/15 will be only 6 mths away so we are always behind (expensive phone / old software) 

Never mind what phone you buy S21/S21FE out of the box your 6 mths behind the latest Google phone on the TV its out running 12 no problem
Somehow This is Wrong 
Buying the latest tech but it's running software that's out of date to comparison anything Google running.
If this keeps happening we all might need to drop Samsung and go to Google for the latest fast pure android experience. 
Ps Google working on a new secret OS apprently Samsung are looking to switch to that in the future 
Similar situation on Galaxy Watch 3 like me and was told the Current watch 4 runs on different software so I swapped because it sounded reasonable but the watch 4 in no different to the 3 and won't load Google software as it all a con with us switching our stuff with the manufacturer making lots of money and and no real progress in terms of development. 

* Sort out the watch 4 software like where's s Google assistant ? 
* Sort out android 12 before 13 comes out 
Or end up like Nokia did for ignoring the users needs. 
Samsung You have been warned

Merry Xmas Samsung 🎅
First Poster
I'll be honest, and you probably won't like it.......

If you want your phone to have the latest os on day 1 of release, you need to buy an iPhone.

If you want android, you simply have to accept that any os update over & above the one that your phone was shipped with will more than likely take MONTHS.

That's just how it is I'm afraid.