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Samsung Care

(Topic created on: 14-09-2023 04:26 PM)
I thought you would like a little story.

I got my Fold 5 on the day of release. No issues, worked perfectly.

2 weeks later, the internal screen starts flashing white / green. External screen is fine but there is an obvious fault.

Only 2 weeks in but at least I can get it repaired.

I made a warranty claim, my phone was collected. 3 days later I rang to see what was happening as I hadn't heard anything. I was told the phone was damaged so the warranty would not cover it.

Fuming, I'm then told that as I have Samsung Care Plus, I can put in an insurance claim. So annoyed but just wanted the phone fixed so I made a claim on the insurance. Then the fun started.

I had to pay the excess but 'the system was down'. I had to wait another week for that to be fixed. I managed to finally pay the excess, for my claim to be stuck at 'pending' for another week. Getting really annoyed now, i rang the number to check my claim. 'The claim has to be activated' I am told, not sure what that means but OK.

Then my phone is returned to me with no warning. Still faulty. Another phone call. 'As the system is down we return the device to the customer until its working'. What the actual f*ck? What is the point of that? I lost it at that point and raged at the guy.

Then I get an email from SCP to apologise for the inconveniencence and they will 'escalate my case. Another collection will be arranged'. That was 3 days ago.

I am beyond annoyed. I've listened to lots of people bad mouth Samsung Customer Service but I have never had a problem with them...until now. I have a faulty £1800 phone that is less than 2 weeks old but Samsung won't honour the warranty. There is absolutely no damage on that phone. And then the insurance claim has been cocked up so I am now wondering if they will actually bother to collect the phone again!

Has anyone got any advice please?!?
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You should have returned it and refused the repair.
Samsung Customer Care is a total con and disaster.
Regards, Obsydian

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Two weeks in? I would have rejected the device and demanded a replacement or refund (assumes you haven't caused the damage yourself).

As you reported it around the 14 days, I would action a request for replacement or refund.

Did you pay by credit card? If yes, Section 75 may also apply. Your bank can advise you on this.
Yea like the others of said you should have just returned it and reordered. I have samsung care plus and have heard horror stories. Fingers crossed I have no issue. My s21 went faulty a few years ago. Sent it away like you did, they refunded the phone straight away. It would seem even if there is the smallest mark on your phone you get shafted. My phones have always been perfect. Small mark on this phone so let's hope its trouble free for the next few years. Fingers crossed for your situation. My humble advise is don't touch foldables, they are in beta and moving parts & phones don't mix.