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Notifications not working properly

(Topic created on: 17-07-2023 09:58 PM)
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Hi Just wondering does anyone know why My Tiktok Doesn't send Notifications to my z flip 4 I have to go into app til I know I had messages from 3 hours ago that didn't come through it only happens to me on the phone It works 100% on my other phone which is A52 and my tablet s6 lite. Any solutions on how to fix this on my z flip 4..? ITS NOT A PHONE SETTING OR APP SETTIMG I'VE UNSTALLED The app and it still doesn't work
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Unfortunately notifications can occasionally be hit and miss with some apps. I have similar on my phone with some apps Tick Tock included.

I appreciate you've checked but please double check notifications are turned on in your phone's settings for Tick Tock and go into the apps permissions and settings via Settings > Apps > Tick Tock to check the app.

You could also try clearing the cache of the app to see if this helps.

Settings > Apps > Tick Tock > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data as a last resort. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Thanks for the support and taking time to comment on my post.. but I've done everything unstalled app 10 times cleared cache etc etc BTW it's only Z Flip 4 it doesn't work on old phone and tablet works 100%