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Flip Z4 warranty

(Topic created on: 08-12-2023 11:26 AM)
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I have had my Z4 phone for 12 months with vodafone, I recently notice top screen wasn't working. I sent it to Vodafone and was told my warranty of 24 months was void because there is a small chip and scratch on the phone.

Do I still qualify for warranty when the problem with the phone is the hinge and not the scratch?

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The damage you described does not actually void the 24 month warranty @kakraeric 

What has to happen is the phone needs to be brought back to warranty standard before a repair can be carried out. 

They'll assume the chip and scratch were made by an accidental drop which could have attributed to the issue with the phone's top screen. 

This will mean a Repair wouldnt  typically be carried out as  free under the warranty ,but instead would have to be paid for by you. 

You could also ask Samsung to effect a Repair via a Samsung Service Centre or by sending it to them.

You'd need to contact Samsung first in order to log the issue ,and follow the process to book in a Repair. 

Or send it to Vodafone as they are the merchant i.e supplier of the phone with primarily means they apply the warranty not Samsung and ask them for a repair costing. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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Same thing happened to me. Samsung will look for any tiny excuse to deny a warranty repair. Small scuff on the color of the metal corner of the phone from being in my pocket. This was enough to deny the warranty repair, even though it had nothing to do with the screen protector coming loose and the LCD screen itself start getting black spots right on the seam of the fold. In the case of the Z-Fold, they won't even offer a repair since they told me it costs more than just replacing the phone. All you can do is throw it in the trash. I am understanding now that this is their business model... sell poor quality product then look for any excuse to deny warranties... it boosts their profit I'm sure but at customer's expense. Really unethical in my opinion.