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Does anyone have some statistics about the failure rate for Folds

(Topic created on: 30-09-2023 02:11 PM)

Good afternoon I am thinking about buying fold 5. As it is an expensive phone I am wondering if there are anyone would be able to share a link with me that have reliable statistics about the fold failure rate. I know that Samsung is the only one that may has it. But this the Internet afterall


To me it's interesting the contradictory information that you can get from the Internet. My main goal is to have it for three or four years at least


Thank alot for such a great community :smiling-face:

My suggestion: do not buy fold or flip series at all (it won't last for 3 or 4 years)! Go for s23ultra or s24ultra or even iPhone.
I had my fold 4 last year and I have already sent it to Samsung twice due to hinge and inner screen issue.

Trust me. DO NOT BUY IT
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I wouldn't have thought there is anything like that publicly available. At least not official anyway.
All I can say is that I've had a few Fold phones and not experienced any issues.
I think with some careful use. It should last well enough

For instance, I don't push on the screen to close the phone. If I have any substances like hand creams or grease etc
Especially anything containing alcohol.
I clean or wipe the stuff off before handling the screen.
I also charge with the phone open. Probably totally unnecessary, but just in case charging warms the phone a little, so in my mind helps to reduce heat buildup.
Regularly gently cleaning the screen helps stop contamination from affecting the screen protector
I personally use Whoosh cleaning solution as it alcohol free, plus companies use it for cleaning display items. Not the cheapest, but works great.

I also use the slowest charging as well. Helps to keep the battery life longer lasting

Non of this is any hardship and takes seconds to do. But just helps keep my phone fresh looking and hopefully longer lasting
Don't do it just get an ultra
As great a fold phone is (I've had the fold 4 for just over a year) and was recommending it. But I wouldn't now. The September update has rendered my phone almost useless. If I open the phone, it barely works 30 seconds before it shows hazy discoloured lines or goes completely blank.

The sound and rotation do not work properly, and I can barely use it. It's not worth the price after this experience, and there's been no new update to resolve it as yet (been almost 3 weeks). And if you don't have a backup phone then good luck!
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As with any phone, look after it and you'll be fine. There's always a risk of failure, in which case warranty will cover it.
Don't be that guy, smash the screen and then say the warranty isn't being adhered to etc.

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I have owned the Fold4 for 13 months.
It's an amazing device, it often feels more like science fiction than an actual device.
I use mine as a phone, tablet and as a desktop via Dex and a Plugable usb c dock, keychron k2 mechanical keyboard and mx master 3 mouse. I also use it as a console/retro games machine.

I have kept it in an official leather Samsung case and take care not to drop it, expose it to water or dust. Despite this in August it would not open fully, luckily we have a Samsung experience store nearby (Norwich), they repaired it with no issues, apart from the loss of the phone for 3 days.

So my opinion is mixed, it's by far the best mobile device I have ever owned or used. But it's also fragile and even with care, there's a good chance you could end up with issues.

Would I buy another despite this? Yeah, once you have owned one, it's hard to go back to a normal phone.
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Hi, I own a flip 4 for just over a year now. For the first 11 months everything was great, no issues whatsoever but during the 12th month without any reason phone started misbehaving, its hinge sensor which detects flips started malfunctioning to the point that I could only use my phone fully open. Luckily it was detected in my final week of the warranty and samsung repaired it without any cost. I have completely lost faith in foldables now, I don't like very big phones and that was the reason why I bought flip 4, I will exchange it for samsung s24 next year. I will end it by saying one thing that I have staying to everybody

Don't buy folding phones, they aren't ready yet.