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The camera app randomly opened last night and today

(Topic created on: 15-04-2024 09:18 PM)
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I bought a Samsung S23 FE in February 2024 and am actively using it. I realized this morning that last night the camera switched on by itself and took some photos with a black screen (probably because it was night). The same thing happened today on the way out of work.

No third-party software is installed on my phone. I also don't visit any potentially dangerous websites while using the web browser. I'm looking at browser History and almost all my searches are limited to Google and the sites I visit from time to time are Epic Games, LinkedIn, etc. When I scanned my phone with Kaspersky, no problems were found, and in the permissions, only the Camera app and a bank app had access. The weird thing is that I also checked the Permissions for the potential apps that used the Camera app, however, I didn't find anything suspicious, because it didn't show any use at these times.

What could be the cause of this problem? I currently have a hardcover protection on my phone, but is this problem related to the hardcover or is there a software problem? Should I take my phone for service?

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Do you have accidental touch protection on?