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Photos lost from gallery

(Topic created on: 22-04-2024 03:42 PM)
First Poster

Hi people, recently have had a terrible experience with my s23 ultra camera/gallery. I was on a trip and was capturing every single moment.. Sadly I decided to use all the features of the camera at a max, changed the format to jpeg+raw. Understandably, this mad my photos to grow in size and eventually what happened - I can not find any answer to. I noticed after taking each photo, there was an "refining photo" notification showing the progress in the notif. bar. For some photos it took really long. but there was one that got stuck in there and did not clear up till the night. -- Until when I layed down in the evening and started reviewing what was shoot during the day. I entered the Gallery (standad one), all the photos were there.  Checked some of them, all was good. Literally the next minute I go to my gallery and some of the photos miraculously are not in there. I immediately checked the recycle bin, nothing in there. then again literally in front of my eyes about 4-5 lost photos popped, but the rest did not came back (from where they were at). Worths mentinoning that in the settings there was an error for camera, which I cleared(fixed). I did restart, cleared cashe for both camera and gallery, there is no nomedia file, and I did not do any back ups back then. Did anyone experience the same/ Does anyone know how to return the photos/