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Phones and One UI features STILL missing...LET'S DISCUSS SAMSUNG!

(Topic created on: 15-04-2024 09:07 PM)

For a few years now there are "essential" hardware and software still considered as missing in Samsung phones .

1. WHY still no fast battery charging? - For years other Android OEMs have long been using fast charging of 67w or even more and yet Samsung is still stuck in the year 2020. if you want a "fast" charge you have to buy the expensive Ultra line.

2. WHY still no vertical app scrolling? - For years other Android OEMs have long used vertical scrolling or at least an option for one and yet Samsung is still stuck with an iOS-like scrolling.

3. WHY no option to hide apps? - For years other Android OEMs have long used either a gesture or keypad passcode to hide apps and be able to easily invoke them on the fly and yet Samsung is still stuck with an inferior, backward and confusing Secure Folder app. 

4. Phones are getting bigger - a feature not actually missing but an annoyance nonetheless. Samsung thinks our hands are getting significantly bigger each year and most phones (midrange or flagship) are getting taller and wider by mllimeters which in the long term is not really good for users wanting a more compact device and anyone who has arthritis.

5. Fingerprint sensor -  For years other Android OEMs have long used  on-screen optical sensors which are significantly as fast as an ultrasonic one. And yet Samsung's inferior optical ones still remain slow / hit and miss.  You have to register a fingerprint twice over to make the unlocking fast-ish.

6. Other features - Dolby Vision, high PWM dimming, high touch sampling rate, 10-bit / 12-bit have long been a staple of OnePlus and Xiaomi brands and yet Samsung still stuck with their "advanced" AMOLED screens. 

If you guys are wondering too.

Thoughts and comments please. 

Tourbillon De La Vie
Samsung Members Star ★

I'm content with mine Ultra


All i want is internet speed meter on status bar,well ai motion shutter in the camera and aptx bluetooth connection


Probably coz you don't really care about them and does not apply to you. Whereas most of us do care.

Tourbillon De La Vie
Samsung Members Star ★

Not only do I care but I also understand 


Not a priority for me. But a lot faster shutter speed and better Apt-X bluetooth codecs would be very much welcome. 


I do hope you understand. 

But i do wonder on how long have you been using a Samsung device and if you have been reading news online (such as GSM Arena or Smmmobile or Android Authority or 9to5 Google). 

Hi Gino,

No offence in anyway intended here. None.

1, battery wreckage, I don't want faster charging.
All the time people are trying to protect their batteries from heat and overcharging and are being provided with alternative charging profiles to help.
As a person who still has a working Samsung Jet and Galaxy S1 with the same batteries working and a gear S watch, I don't want this greedy unecessary rush to make our phones like every other, built to fail device.
Don't leave em charge overnight and don't charge below 10% or above 90.
I've had years of practise, still have ALL my phones.

2. Keep hearing about this all the time. Who cares, big deal, if an adult can't be bothered to flick their finger sideways, there's a bigger problem than an app draw.
If you want it, and it arrives, nice, I may even find I like it, but, ruin the experience of a FLAGSHIP phone. No, its just one of them "It'd be nice's"
The option to hide apps is there, for home and app screens, I've just checked.
Even if it wasn't, don't get it. Pull apps you want on to one or multiple home screens, never go to app draw again. (Once in a million lol.)
Samsung doesn't think, Samung makes, and we CHOOSE to buy them by the countless millions they are so good, even with google trying to spoil them ,in the hope we might buy one of theirs.

Remember when Samsung first brought out their phones, apple had big ugly bezells on their phones, tiny lcd screens, and we were told by them that the human eye couldn't see more than 300 dpi and amoled was no good. Also that their customers didn't want bigger phones.
They mocķed the Note 1 when it came out.

But not now. We have Samsung to thank for Super Amoled, high pixel density, near bezeless screens with no big ugly spyware face profiling camera screen gouges.
We have apple to thank for, no earphone jack, high prices, no removeable batteries, no sd cards, and empty boxes when we buy new phones
.truly a leader.
But, those who need smaller phones, should simply buy a smaller phone, don't blame Samsung if the butcher don't sell diesel.
I and many, don't want to stare into a face profiling camera every time I want to turn on my phone.
I don't want to have to lift up my phone, every time to my face, only to have to place it back down on the table or back down away from my chest, where I use it.
The fingetprint sensor on my 23 Ultra NEVER misses a beat.
The other things you mentioned might be "Nice", but apart from possibly Dolby Vision,( Because if you aren't satisfied with HDR+ on a 2600nit high refresh rate mobile screen and you think dolby will change your world you are most childlike.).
To mention other phone brands here in the presence of Samsung products is most innapropriate.

No one gets everything right all the time, and it would be commercial madness if they did, they would never sell another phone, my Note 8 still would enable me to do all I need.
There is a reason why "Most" of us are on this site, its called Samsung.

People have to be very care full what they hear and how they hear it.
Someone mentioned a list of tech sites of which only one do I now take note of...Sammobile.
I used to listen to one years ago, gsmarena, untill the time it got a large footfall.
It then seemed as though every Samsumg review had been handed them from apple to print. Every new inovation from Samsung belittled and multiple apple mentions strewn throughout every review in a triumphant manner.

I don't think any, new phone today is a bad phone, generally speaking, but when it comes to a Samsung product there are so many seeking to dethrown Samsung you cannot vouch for anyones reasons for negatively portraying Samsung products, you have to handle them yourself.
I would never have bought a Gear S watch if I'd listened to reviews and rumours everything from broken watch straps to burn in and more, not one of which were true and I have mine still working today...and NO burn in.
Best value=Samsung

I formed my opinions based on:

1. My 14 years of Android use (Yes...that includes numerous Samsung phones)

2. My economic and social status (You know... 9 to 5 job, middle-aged and middle income person)

3. Competition i.e. features that have been around with Xiaomi/OnePlus, etc. for years now that i truly appreciate and find it useful on a device)

4. My everyday needs i.e. what I do with my phone, the tasks and apps i what have been using most of the time.

Battery do degrade in time. There may be incremental tech improvements to the battery capacity / charging speeds / heat dissipation, etc. over the years but for me knowing you have a phone compatible with fast charging (45w or more) gives you that confidence. Handy especially if you forgot to charge your phone overnight and you are in a rush to go to work. Never had any issue with overheating my batteries if you ask me. I don't do endless gaming, video editing, streaming, doom scrolling etc. So i'm not worried on that front.

Samsung is the only Android OEM (last time checked) that does horizontal app scrolling. Possibly they did it to "copy" or annoy Apple. Yes I can slap on a 3rd-party launcher (which has it's own set of issues especially with Samsung devices and a different topic altogether) but yes it would nice to have that option. Rumour has it the next One UI version might add that feature. Who knows.

Hiding apps IS there. But there is no way to invoke it. The feature is well hidden (pun intended) and confusing at best. You have to go back a few steps or click a few buttons to "make it appear". Hyper OS, OnePlus and Nothing OS excels in this field. Samsung does not.

The reality is that these companies shove bigger/taller/wider phones each year down our throats. Nothing we can do about it. Apart from telling them we don't like what what they are doing and hope for the best they will listen. For instance, A OnePlus 10T or an S22+. Two years ago they are totally fine for me. But due to factors such as nature (age & health) i'm finding more smaller, more compact phones to be better. A 6.2"-6.4" in my opinion is the sweet spot. I have to either get a base Galaxy S-phone (which is pricey) or an FE device in order to enjoy that screen and be able to handle and store it well. So, people still DO want a smaller phone. That's a fact. 

Samsung's optical fingerprint sensor is way slow and inferior to say a Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco one. Why? Only God knows. I still prefer a fingerprint rather than a face unlock. Samsung Ultra line always have faster sensors than the rest of their line. Always has been. So, no surprise there.

Conversations will remain toxic if someone never listens or reads the whole picture, never considers other people's circumstances or opinions and worse became a hardcore "fanboy / tech bro" defending their lot. It also doesn't help if people kept saying "I don't care" because that is where the problem arise. That is why countries are at war. Simply because they do not care. 

Here's a breaking news: NO PHONE IS PERFECT. Oh yeah i thought that was being discussed here right?  I'm not an engineer or an expert. Never claimed to be one. My words not yours. 

But i happen to use loads of Androids in the past few years. I was fortunate enough to own budget, midrange & flagships that I learn to appreciate and adjust to what I have albeit some lack of what I deem useful and needed features which they truly are.

My two cents.