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No problems ...

(Topic created on: 26-03-2023 11:25 AM)
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I realize just about every post here deals with issues with their S23. 

I've written a few posts with minor issues I've had, but to be honest, and not to sound like a fan boy, the S23 Ultra is the best phone I ever owned. 

The screen is excellent, the battery is significantly better than the one in my previous S22 Ultra, and it performs like a hot knife in butter. 

I wish Samsung / GoodLock though would put all the screenlock customizations in one place - I'm forced to go to Settings / Lockscreen and/or GoodLock / Make up / Lockstar, and that gets tiring, but the customizations we have at our fingertips are amazing.

In a previous post I called a whiner, a douche.

I'll apologize here, I meant that in the nicest possible way. :smiling-face: 

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Agreed. It is a great phone

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I also agree, it's a great phone. I can see why you called them a douche.
To me @davehorne the S23 Ultra shows what Samsung can achieve when they only have one version of a phone to build and optimize. Now future software updates and improvements will be more effective and far reaching and focused because of this one phone factor.
I am used to bedding new phones in for a week or two. I won't tax them to avoid thermal issues, especially with the camera, as this has always been a heating up spot when new. Especially so on my Exynos S21 Ultra, but this settled down brilliantly quite quickly. With my new S23 Ultra however, I could tell from day one that it was a cool runner just itching to be tested hard. So I did, and still do, but the phone just refuses to be fazed. It just won't get noticeably warm.
The display is as good as it gets, the battery life is superb, the phone is so fast and smooth and doesn't feel like a new device at all in the best of ways. On a photographic level I have been spoilt by my brilliant S21 Ultra, but noticeable improvements are there which I didn't expect, namely improved stabilization and HDR and that vastly improved 30x preset which can give some amazing results. Video wise it is a HUGE step up from my 21U. There is so much detail and sharpness and contrast. All with massively improved noise reduction. Even in low light. Such an improvement in low light that many reviewers place it's low light video performance ahead of the IPhone 14 Pro Max. I never thought any phone could get near a flagship IPhone in this one category. The stabilized uncropped 8K video is the best ever on a mobile device in my opinion.
I am delighted with my new S23 Ultra. I didn't think it could be as good as all it's hype, but it is even better. It is the first ever phone I have owned that felt as if it was actually nursing ME through it's settling in and routine learning period. I trust it completely to fit in with my life and enrich it. The phone isn't cheap, but you can't put a price on that.
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I see no fault in calling out a douche (in the nicest way possible). Probably too nice.

I think the reason Samsung have the apps separated is to reduce 'bloat' for those who don't want it, so they allow users to download the bits they want.

It can be annoying having things in different places but I kinda understand the reason behind it. Here's hoping they find a better way to implement it to make it more streamlined.
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Good to hear your enjoying what your new phone is bringing to your wants and needs 👍 @davehorne 

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I have also felt lucky to have a phone with no real issues. I think it will be nice when Samsung releases some updates for the camera that will improve it, as It's good but could certainly use some tweaking, but thus far I really haven't run into any of the problems I've seen on the forum. So far, so good, and if it keeps up this way or gets a bit better this will be the best phone I've ever owned.

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Been here for a while and

50% are just user errors and people not knowing how to solve issues.

30% are apps used (android apps still suck like it or not)

10% are due to carriers messing up

10% genuine software or hardware issues.

I don't blame customers has they expect everything to work out of the box after having paid top dollar. Which is fair.

Unfortunately with Androids it's a complicated world with too many phones on too many different OS versions and different companies with apps trying to work perfectly on all of them. They fail miserably sometimes.

I feel Android phones are still work in progress and there is no one perfect phone.

Even the so called Apple has its share of issues and lemons.

Luckily we have a good community here so help is always available .