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Data connection issues

(Topic created on: 29-02-2024 11:53 PM)
My S23 has developed issues with data connection. It will not connect to the network. Google suggests this is a known software update issue. I've done all the resets and a full factory reset but it persists. I have a phone I can't use unless on WiFi. My only option left is to send it away for service apparently for 3 to 4 weeks! I'm so fed up.
What do you mean it will not connect to the network? What network? Your mobile phone network? What errors are you seeing? Have you actually got a SIM card in your phone? Physical SIM or eSIM? Have you tried a different SIM or tried to clean the one you have? Has somebody been messing with your phone and tampered with the SIM? Have you recently dropped your phone? More importantly have you spoken to your network provider about this? Theres a diagnostic you can do on the SIM and Mobile network from the members app. Screenshot of the test results would help alot.

More information needed please...
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Hi @red2071 

From what you write I'm guessing the issue is with your mobile data connection  🤔 

Try going into your sim manager and turn off the sim card. Then soft reboot by turning the phone off and on and then go back to the sim manager and turn the sim on. 

If that does not help help then try resetting your Network Connection in General Management section and then reset then reset network settings. 

It may also be worth moving the sim to sim slot ² if your not using an esim to see if that helps. 

To help rule out a sim card issue the best way is to try the sim in another phone. If it is your sim then the network can sort out a sim card swap. 

Also check your mobile data js on and that no data limit on usage has been set in the phone's settings. 

Double check your networks apn settings that control data usage. 

Check any relevant network online checkers for your area if this isn't happening everywhere. 

To help rule out your actual phone try another sim card in that. 

There is a diagnostic tool found in your Samsung Members App as mentioned by @Robin999 👍 

Ask your network support to doubke check your account. 

And yes the final option maybe letting a service centre have hands on and or sending the phone to Samsung.

Before you relinquish the phone take time and date stamped photo's of the phone with one of it turned on just incase you need to orove it's aesthetic condition if it's damaged in transit etc. 

Send it well packaged under a signed for reciept of phone and adequate postal insurance. 

I appreciate the above is alot of troubleshooting but if one helps at least you don't have to send the phone away and if it does not help then at least you've tried everything.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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Hi yes it's got a sim in it and that sim works fine in other phones. Spoken to network provider and done all their suggested resets up to and including factory reset
Hi thanks I'd tired all of that other than the sim manager. Didn't work. I get bars and 4g indication but the phone doesn't appear to speak to the network so I can't Google anything use apps etc on data. Only WiFi. I don't know about apn settings but there's aVodafone shop in town so I'm going to see if they can help before relinquishing it back to Curry's.
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Supporting the case with evidences attached ping monitor results, the data drops: are worst. WhatsApp Image 2024-03-05 at 14.14.21 (2).jpegWhatsApp Image 2024-03-05 at 14.14.21.jpegWhatsApp Image 2024-03-05 at 14.14.22 (1).jpegWhatsApp Image 2024-03-05 at 14.14.22 (2).jpegWhatsApp Image 2024-03-05 at 14.14.22.jpeg