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Worst performance ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S22 ultra, Sky Blue 512gb

(Topic created on: 06-05-2022 09:39 AM)
Hey Samsung!!!! I promise that this S22 ultra is going to be my last Samsung phone! 
I've been a Samsung customer since galaxy S2 years and years ago. I never experienced such poor performances like i do on this phone. 
Stating with my delivery date, got changed couple of times and that was extremely annoying, got my Sky blue 512gb weeks later and after setting up the phone to encounter all the problems starting with ghost touches, camera app freezing and crashing, overheating, battery life is worst than on my previous phone Note 10 plus.
And Samsung!!!!! i had enough of you, making a difference between Europe and the rest of the world!! We all pay the same money why in Europe we always get the s**** Chip -exynos????? It's not fair!!!!! 
I reached out to customer service to have my phone sorted and to be told that i need to send my phone in service for couple of weeks, are you for real???? I used the trade in option when i bought my S22 ultra therefore i don't have a spare phone!!! Would you stay without a phone for week, Samsung???? No of course not!! But this is what you're asking from your customers!!! I'm disgusted!!!
Again my last Samsung phone!!!! 
And also to mention the fact that software updates are just a mess!!! We don't get it in time, we don't get it at the same time with everyone else ( i have the unlocked version bought from ) it's just ridiculous!!! After April update my phone got worst not better! 
Shame you!!!!
You should have got the A53/5G
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I totally understand and appreciate your viewpoint on this.

Some delays did happen with the exclusive colours which always happen which is why i didn't choose the graphite grey I had my eyes on.

The battery on a Samsung device takes around 2 weeks to optimise from being charged and discharged and goes through the learning phase.

I've had my phone since Launch and now it's optimised. Battery stats is a subjective topic as we all set up our phone's differently and use it differently and use different apps etc however I get usage from 5am to 9pm with around 40% battery left. I use very little battery saving methods.

Software Updates are sent out in waves as not to crash Samsungs servers. A phone supplied byba network may have it's own schedule as some networks want to test the software first. Updates are sent out dependant on region , phone model,  build and serial number.

My Updates have been much better scheduled than in recent times.

I do keep a back up phone but I appreciate some don't. I've known people to ask family / friends or work colleagues to borrow a phone as many do have one sat in a drawer.

Alternatively a Samsung Experience Store can often do diagnostics in-house pretty quickly if you have one local.

People have their own personal opinion on Exynos and Snapdragon SoC variants of the phone. I've even gone to the extreme of buying a phone from Samsung UK and then imported the same model from Samsung Hong Kong and apart from about 1 hour netter battery life all seemed the same !

Exynos has come in recently and in my opinion now challenges the Snapdragon SoC.

Most people don't even know or care what the chip is inside their phone.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

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You don't say anything about what you have tried to remedy the issues.
How did you setup the phone?
Did you use smartswitch, if so consider setting up from your account backups.
Sometimes using smartswitch can transfer corrupted data from the old phone.
Have you tried clearing the Partition Cache on the phone?
Do you use any third party themes or launchers?
These very often can affect the phones software.
Have you downloaded apps from Unknown Sources?

Sending a phone off is always going to take some time. Just the way it is.
As @BandOfBrothers has said, look at taking it into a Samsung Experience Store for a repair

Personally trying some of the bits I've outlined already first would be the thing to try.
How long have you had the phone? Just return it, get your money back and go buy the phone of your dreams from elsewhere.

That 512gb version will have cost you a fair bit of wonga, so even if you don't buy Samsung again don't let them get away with the issues your having and send it back or make them repair it, I have the s22 ultra and it doesn't have any issues you are experiencing so when they do get it right I can say you won't be disappointed. The difference between exynos and Snapdragon is actually pretty close and on real world use not distinguishable, the gap to the iPhone SoC is the one we need to be pressurising them to close up as in terms of performance that is miles ahead
I had my phone since 11th February and didn't use the smartswitch as I was already aware of some issues so I installed all apps manually and copied some pictures using my PC.
Already factory reset performed twice and before I cleared the cache however issues are still not resolved.
I'm just disappointed with the overall experience of this phone.
And there are differences between Exynos and SD, in pictures quality, battery life, and the overall experience SD is better and is not fair as we all paid the same amount of money.
If the May software update is not helping with the issues I have, I'll just get rid of the phone, having ghost touches is annoying and 4-5 hours of screen on time is just ridiculous for a 5.000 mAh battery, I don't have any games on my phone I don't play games on my phone why is overheating from just watching YouTube or scrolling on Facebook?
Samsung is aware of these issues, S22 series had so many bugs lags, and issues they should just replace the faulty devices for their customers not ask to send them away in their service for weeks I don't see this being fair, I paid good money for this phone I expect to be treated with respect and be valued as a Samsung customer, is just not happening.
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You can't return a custom phone for a refund, under the 21 day guarantee
I had the phone for more than 21 days, unfortunately 😕
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Im on the same page as you florin. Ive been a samsung user since s10, but s22 will probably be my last. I had a one year old s21 which i switched to the s22 and it was a very noticeable step down. Extremely poor battery, lagging apps, video/audio desync for the first long periode and I still experience problems on that front. If i jump 10 seconds back on youtube the video just freezeses for 10 seconds until im back at the starting point. Its only the audio that actually goes 10 seconds back. My phone gets overheated if i just look at it nothing really runs smooth. I like playing some games on my phone e.g. Heartstone which was running better on my s21!? Yesterday while playing i actually experienced a minute where Heartstone actually ran well. Just out of the blue i could suddently feel the 120 Hz and for 1 minute i had a game that ran as it was supposed to. And then just as suddently as it startes running smooth it stoppet again.

Im done with samsung

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Loads of delays occurred with all phones, exclusive colours or not and on all storage versions. Burgundy 1TB, 256GB were delayed three or more times. People who pre-order were waiting for over a month. During all that time Samsung did not update their customers. Samsung handle the launch of S22 series extremely poor with an even poorer customer service.

Battery might improve after optimisation, but it is far from decent. The phone can last well over a day or two with minimal use, but SOT does not go over 4 hours for me. Needless to say, that the series has been plagued with different problems. I feel lucky I have not experienced most of them, but it might well be because I do not use the multitude of social apps that many complain about.

People might have their opinions about Exynos vs Snapdragon, but the fact is that Exynos has consistently underperform when compare with its Snapdragon counterpart. People do care about the SoC, the problem is that Samsung does not give a choice. If Samsung would give a choice to choose the SoC, I think that Exynos would have been dead by now.