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Worst performance ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S22 ultra, Sky Blue 512gb

(Topic created on: 05-05-2022 11:58 PM)
Hey Samsung!!!! I promise that this S22 ultra is going to be my last Samsung phone! 
I've been a Samsung customer since galaxy S2 years and years ago. I never experienced such poor performances like i do on this phone. 
Stating with my delivery date, got changed couple of times and that was extremely annoying, got my Sky blue 512gb weeks later and after setting up the phone to encounter all the problems starting with ghost touches, camera app freezing and crashing, overheating, battery life is worst than on my previous phone Note 10 plus.
And Samsung!!!!! i had enough of you, making a difference between Europe and the rest of the world!! We all pay the same money why in Europe we always get the s**** Chip -exynos????? It's not fair!!!!! 
I reached out to customer service to have my phone sorted and to be told that i need to send my phone in service for couple of weeks, are you for real???? I used the trade in option when i bought my S22 ultra therefore i don't have a spare phone!!! Would you stay without a phone for week, Samsung???? No of course not!! But this is what you're asking from your customers!!! I'm disgusted!!!
Again my last Samsung phone!!!! 
And also to mention the fact that software updates are just a mess!!! We don't get it in time, we don't get it at the same time with everyone else ( i have the unlocked version bought from ) it's just ridiculous!!! After April update my phone got worst not better! 
Shame you!!!!
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I agree, had mine since September 2021, worse thing ever, loses signal/mobile data, push a notification on screen to take you to app-doesnt work most of the time, it's slow and glitchy, the battery is rubbish, bought it sim free, worse purchase ever, apart from my Galaxy watch(purchased at the same time), that works well, if you do not use it! Battery rubbish, less than a day use if you use it, overheats just on your arm without using it.....probably going to IPhone next time(as much as I hate Apple)

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I keep reading about the US and Europe having different chips, but I can assure you that the S22 ultra in the USA is a steaming pile of ***** as well. This thing has been extremely laggy and glitchy since day 1. Currently it's too early to trade it in for anything so currently I'm trying to pawn it off on some poor sucker that doesnt know how terrible of a product this is. I have a feeling when tradeins do eventually open up for this device the trade in value will be low because this phone is a complete dumpsterfire. It's so bad I'm honestly thinking of not buying another Samsung. I "upgraded" from an S21 ultra, in reality it was a downgrade.

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They will fix it with the latest update. Dont go for Exynos chip. Choose the Snapdragon chip.