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Update caused phone not to recognise password

(Topic created on: 01-04-2023 11:30 AM)
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Today I performed the recommended software update on my Samsung S22 only for my phone not to recognise my password a password I use in nearly every every Facit of my life and even on my work phone with no issue. A password I have used successfully for over 20 years again no issue, no issue but on two occasions two occasions Samsung has pushed a glitch update. 
The first being four months ago when my Samsung S20fe had the same issue. That time I lost all my pictures, pictures of my new born son being the most important. (My fault as they weren't backed up properly by me.)

So I was well versed in the procedure of Samsung failure, i had even set up the Samsung account to allow a force unlock in case of this event which didn't work. 

In a last ditch hope I attended my local store in Trafford Centre, Manchester where the smug none helpful technician told me I had clearly forgotten my password, despite my explanations the response of the computer would never be wrong was very helpful.

I have read countless webpages and fan pages now detailing how this happens regularly with Samsung updates clearly a software failure on samsungs behalf. I've had samsungs for more than a decade always excited by your technology. However a mixture of software failures and frustrations and what I can only describe as shockingly poor customer service I will never buy another device and I will actively tell anyone who asks my opinion to buy anything else to save them the same experience. 

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This is a unusual issue
Do you have any third party Antivirus apps or something similar.

I've had Samsung Galaxy phones since the Galaxy S23 and Note 3
Never encountered this

Theres obviously something in common you have on your S22 and S20 FE that's causing this issue.
Could be something simple
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Nope bit dull really no fancy apps bit of news, Spotify and Instagram, oh and a banking app.
This happened to my sister's S22. World not accept the pin or pattern code and kept locking the phone for greater periods. Girl in Samsung shop was not interested and said look for a vendor that unlocks phones. Calls to Samsung eventually got an appointment and they had to wipe the phone. She now has an account set up to remote open if happens again.