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Samsung s22 Ultra Mobile network Problem

(Topic created on: 21-02-2023 03:00 PM)
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Hello All;
I own a USA Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra with Snapdragon CPU purchased from Amazon US.
I'm located in Poland and the mobile network is terrible. I know that problem is with the phone itself and my guess is that the radio frequency channels used in the USA and in Poland are not the same therefore the connection is deficient quality, I cannot even scroll through social media, there is no problem if I'm connected to Wi-Fi.

I've tried all network problem related suggestions online, however, nothing helped. 
Any further suggestions or anything to fix this problem?

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Your probably right in saying about the network bands.
Best to double check what the US bands the phone works with compared to the network bands you have with your service provider.
Maybe another network service provider can get you better reception if they use a similar one to in the U.S
Go to connections in settings, and enter MANUAL selection.

Then it will give you a choice of networks compatible with your usual network
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Ahmed Basheer

I have the same problem with my s22 ultra

I changed software But to no avail

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It could be related to the different radio frequency channels used in the USA and Poland. Have you tried reaching out to Samsung support or checking, a reliable tech website, for any further suggestions or solutions? It's great that you've already tried some online suggestions, but if the issue persists, it might be worth seeking additional help from Samsung or checking out trusted tech resources like Hopefully, you'll be able to resolve the issue and enjoy a smooth mobile network experience soon!