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S22 Ultra Camera Problems, Mobile Data Problems, Performance Problems

(Topic created on: 30-04-2023 01:33 AM)
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I was using a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and if not for the fact that I broke the entire back of it and bottom corners I wouldn't have upgraded, and now I just wish I would've used an iPhone or an Asus phone because this has been one issue after another.

Camera - The camera is incapable of taking pictures without the edges being blurry, especially in the case of pictures of receipts, ID, or any text containing image. It's like the phone is stuck in portrait mode despite not using portrait mode. My wife's Note 20 takes the same pics crystal clear.

Mobile Data - I have Xfinity Mobile, my IMEI showed as comoatible, I put the SIM in, all was well for about 3 months. Now, unless I'm on Wifi, I just have a circle with a line through it where my cell bars should be, and then randomly I'll have 4G LTE show up, but the moment I call, text, or browse the internet it drops off and turns back into the circle with the line. I put the SIM in my wife's phone, works flawlessly.

Performance - The phone frequently acts as if the RAM is at 100% usage even when nothing is open. Windows will frequently freeze specifically when browsing the internet, and when I try to scroll or press something nothing happens for 4 to 5 seconds, then suddenly every piece of haptic feedback goes through all at once and the window will scroll up and down rapidly and buttons will be pressed several times at once as if it's entering all of my inputs at once. This happens literally one to three times per use.

The battery - I am having to plug the phone in 2 to 3 times a day and I am only on it about 3 hours a day. It's at 15% right now and it has been on my desk for 4 hours.

I've scanned the phone for malware, I don't have bloatware, I have a small number of apps and of the 512gb of storage I have at least 256gb left at all times.

So unless anyone has any drastic suggestions I have already undertaken all the basic troubleshooting steps found all over this community. I am mostly posting to say I will likely throw this thing in the trash as Samsung seemed uninterested in replacing it when I called and I will go back to Apple . They may lack some features but at least their ***** basically always works as advertised and is seamless with other apple devices. 

Is the device under warranty?
Firstly have you tried a factory reset on the device ? Any improvement?

If not I would definitely get it booked in for a engineer to have a look and run some diagnostics on it.
Is the phone getting hot at top of device near the camera lenses also ?
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Try diagnostics in the members app and see if it finds anything wrong