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Network issue with Samsung galaxy s22 ultra (snapdragon variant)

(Topic created on: 28-08-2022 07:52 AM)
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I am using the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra for 4 months and from the date of purchase (i.e., 21/4/2022), I am continuously facing the network issue in my s22 ultra. In my s22 ultra, the network signal continuously fluctuates and if someone tries to call me, my number is maximum time out of the coverage area. Multiple times I visit the service center but unfortunately, the problem still exists. Now please reply to me Samsung after spending so much money on this phone why I am facing this issue. 

Earlier I am using the Samsung galaxy s21 plus and I never face any such issue with that phone. Please now help me with this how I can solve this issue. 

I am from Himachal Pradesh in India. Please provide me with the solution for my issue as soon as possible.  


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This is not Samsung support but the community forum. Even though, the site has the in the domain. This is not the official product support. You might like to use the members app to report your problem.

In addition, this is the community pages for the EU. You might like to try the community pages for India or contact their support directly.

Did the service centre say anything about the possible cause of the problem?

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It could be your sim card that is failing which may need replacing via a sim swap.

Try resetting network connection in Settings,  General Management,  Reset,  Reset Network Connection.

Ultimately if a diagnostic via your Samsung Members App under the GetHelp section does not help then insist the Samsung Service Centre runs one.

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Not sure if you had any success, but I hear the issue is the aerial functions are poor, hence the issues I've had too when you dont have a great signal.

Not a great situation, but I suspect Samsung cant admit to the connectivity being of a lower quality.


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I have the same with my s22 ultra, i sent him yesterday for 2nd time to samsung reparation service. First time they sent it back with an software update (!). I had already latest software installed on my phone. I will see tomorrow what they did this time and if the problem is solved but i dont think so. Samsung knows the problem and does nothing about it. 

Exactly our issue. We just need to work out a way for Samsung to provide a workable phone, as there are .... complications with the aerial !! Am seeing if I can get any other route to accept the phone isn't appropriate where the signal is less than ideal.
While driving back between South Coast and the Midlands in the would not hold a signal.