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Pressing Issue with my Samsung S22 Ultra

(Topic created on: 26-03-2024 02:21 PM)
Varshesh Parekh
First Poster

Hi There, 

Product Model Number: SM-S908EDRHINU                 
I have been an old & a loyal + premium customer for Samsung Mobile devices & Samsung Gear since 2013. However the experience with my current mobile device S22 Ultra (512 GB variant) has not been too good. Only after 2 years of ownership, one morning my device suddenly stopped working, attempted to switch it back on, only to realize it had entered a boot-loop. I immediately went to the nearest authorized Samsung service center here in Mumbai (Zain Telecom) & submitted the device for a thorough check.
The following day, the Samsung service gentleman (Irfan) called & informed me that the motherboard on the device has gone bad (on it's own) & needs to be replaced. Since the device is out of Samsung standard warranty, he also informed that the cost to replace the faulty part would be ~INR 44,000/-
Now, this is something that I never expected would happen to me/my device especially since my experience with Samsung devices has been great all these years. I also own a couple of Apple devices & have never faced issues like these atleast until now. I hereby request you to look into this matter & help me with a suitable solution since I'm currently unable to use my own mobile device & am dependant on an old Note 8 (thankfully had kept it as spare)

After spending almost ~1.3 lacs on a premium Samsung smartphone, I'm not intending to spend another 44k to get it back into working condition & that too only after using it for 2 years.

After multiple discussions on phone & email with Samsung customer service & 12 long days of horror, they got back with a mere 25% discount on the replacement part which still is a huge amount that I would need to borne. Hence I rejected the offer & have requested Samsung to re-negotitate & sweeten the deal by offering me a minimum of ~50-70% discount instead of the 25%

Its been 2 days now & still await a response...

@Varshesh Parekh Hello and welcome to the Community!

First, we have edited your post to remove some personal details.

Secondly, judging by some of your post, it appears you may not be based in the UK so the Community in your region may be of more use to you. Where are you based, please?


You are on the wrong region community, this is for the UK, you need to bring this up on the Indian community and Samsung India.