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Modes and Routines SLEEP - DND turns off BEFORE the assigned time

(Topic created on: 06-02-2023 08:19 PM)

SCENARIO: I have been using the SLEEP mode for a month or so on my S22 Ultra and I'm very frustrated... I have it set by time (slightly different for weekdays and weekends).

FIRST: It is NOT reliable in terms of initiation. Sometimes it starts based on the time and other times it will not start unless I open the Clock app. I can't figure out what is preventing it from starting on its own. 

SECOND: Once started, the screen is grayscale and DND disturb is activated. If I go under settings it will show that DND is on by Modes and the speaker notification icon on the top of the screen shows the speaker with a line through it - muted. However, I start hearing notifications on my phone an hour or two before it is supposed to turn off! If I look under DND in settings it still shows as on by Modes; yet, the speaker icon is now normal (no line through like when I go to bed), and if I check the sound setting is on normally!! Super frustrating! 

To be clear, I have NO app or contact exceptions in DND. I have disabled 3rd party apps like Audio Pofiles (that worked great BTW). I simply want to identify what is overriding or turning off DND (even though the system still shows it being on in that part of Settings). Any ideas?  

Do you own a Samsung watch at all? I experienced the same issue a while ago and turns out my watch had a separate DND schedule set which was interfering with the schedule set on my phone.