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Dual Sim

(Topic created on: 18-08-2022 06:52 PM)
Following some issues I have been having with Network connectivity etc I have decided to put in a second Sim card (Physical Sim)

I originally started with an esim as I think it adds a little more security I.e if phone is lost or stolen it can't easily be removed and makes the phone easier to track etc

However I have been having a lot of connectivity issues despite there being a good signal so I have ordered a second Sim card to go in the phones sim slot which will also be useful for separating personal and work calls etc without having to carry 2 phones

It's my first day and on my first drive I tested the streaming radio and no blank spots yet so looking good

The other benefit I'm hoping to enjoy is a connection when my esim is in an area with no network signal I.e every network has black spots with no signal but they don't all have the same black spots

I'd be interested in others who use both Sims in their dual sim phone

I'll update later when I've used it for longer on my usual commutes etc so I can compare the 2
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Hi @PaulC59 

Thank you for sharing.

I typically use a 2nd sim if my primary chosen network has issues connecting to mobile data so I can switch and hopefully then maintain a data connection.

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After second day it seems to have been better I.e the glitches are less frequent when using a physical sim as opposed to the esim. There are still some blank spots when streaming but seem shorter and similar to what you can expect from say DAB etc so no cure but an improvement at least. I'll give it a week or so then update again