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Photo Quality

(Topic created on: 31-07-2022 08:05 AM)

The quality of pictures taken with my S20 have deteriorated recently. The mini camera reel of pictures leaves me with a blurred final picture which is then the version which is chosen when I want to share the picture. Frustratingly this deterioration seems to have started about the same time that Google asked for a £1.59 monthly subscription for Google First. 


@Buz25: When you mention the 'mini camera reel of pictures', are you referring to the resulting images from Burst Shot? If so, after taking the shot(s), head to the Gallery app, tap on the preview thumbnail, and you will see a number in the bottom left corner. Tap on this to reveal the collection of images, swipe through to find your favourite ones and tap to select, then tap the downward facing arrow at the bottom of the screen to save. At this point you can also select 'Delete all the unselected pictures' to remove any unwanted images from the collection. 

If this isn't applicable, then please clarify your query so I can look into this further for you. In the meantime, please head to Settings > Apps > Camera > Force Stop > Storage > Clear cache, then restart your Galaxy S20 to see if you notice an improvement. If you're concerned that Google First may be contributing to the deterioration of your pictures, then try restarting the phone in Safe Mode to disable all third party apps, then use the Camera app as you would normally to see if the issue persists.

To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the Power button until the 'Power off' prompt appears on the screen then release > Touch and hold Power off until the 'Safe mode' prompt appears then release > To confirm, tap Safe mode. To exit Safe Mode, simply restart the phone as you would normally.