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Galaxy S20 FE will start playing spotify music when there is a device notification

(Topic created on: 30-03-2023 02:09 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series


This at first seemed like spotify would start randomly at any moment (day or night). I have come to notice it has something to do with notifications.

When there is a notification (not really sure wich or why, again this is random, could be when I first start using the device, or "random") spotify will start playing.

This is not fun, it is very annoying to listen to the same song start 1000 times randomly 2,3, 4 or even more times per day. 

Would love to know how to stop this.  I have checked and there is no program that would be taking control (like polar) of audio... so there must be some setting I am missing.

People complain about this but there is no answer online. 

I hope you can help

Galaxy S20 Series

@nathanro: That's strange. Next time the issue occurs, please head to Settings > Notifications > Recently sent, and check to see if any app notifications correspond with Spotify opening/playing music. If you're able to identify the relevant app, tap on it, and check the notification settings to see if it's set up to open Spotify. I know that this is possible when setting Alarms via the Clock app, for instance, so it may also be a feature of some other applications.

You could also try heading to Settings > Advanced features > Bixby Routines, and check to see if you have any routines set up to open Spotify under certain conditions, such as when a notification is received. 

In the meantime, please head to Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > Background usage limits > Deep sleeping apps > Tap the '+' in the top right > Spotify > Add. This should hopefully prevent Spotify from opening unexpectedly until you're able to verify the source of the problem.