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S24 Plus Galaxy Bluetooth Sleep/Fade-In

(Topic created on: a month ago)
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I will try my best to describe this form of delay as Samsung TS was unable to find a solution.  This started happeing with my S21P and thought it would go away when upgrading to the S24P but it didn't... I will use the count down beeps of a timer as my example.  If I use my phone and use the audible countdown timer.  I can hear each beep starting from 3, 2,  and 1 but if I connects a BT speaker (any) and there is no audible signal being sent to the speaker for a few seconds.  The BT will go into a kind of sleep mode and when a signal is present.  Its takes a second for audible signal to register through the speaker and essentially wake and fade-in the audio versus play immediately which results in missing the first second or so of the audible content.  In the case of the countdown timer.  It will miss 3 but audibly register the 2 and 1.  However, if I perform the countdown directly through my phone.  You can audibly hear all the beeps countdown from 3, 2, and 1.  Another example is security alerts.  If im using my phone for audio.  I will hear the full alert of, "Motion Detected".   Whereas when playing through a connected BT speaker.  I will only hear the end of the alert, "...Detected" and not catching the "Motion..." part.  Note, if an audible signal is already playing through the speaker and then the alert notification is received.  You will hear the full alert of "Motion Detected" or the full countdown of 3, 2, and 1.  Note, I have reset the BT settings but still did not solve which leads me to beleive its in the BT software/build or an update that is now causing this sleep/fade-in issue.  This may not be an issue for the average user but for those who rely on precise timing for start and/or count down.  Its frustrating.  Samsung stated they are looking into it but for now there appears to be no immeidate solution.  Anyone experience this and more importantly resolved it.  Please LMK and thanks in advance!

-t sounds like you're experiencing a delay or latency issue when using Bluetooth speakers with your Samsung Galaxy S21+ and S24P (presumably the S24 Plus). This delay can be frustrating, especially in scenarios where precise timing is crucial, such as countdown timers or security alerts. Here are some additional steps and considerations you can try to address or mitigate this issue:

1. **Check Bluetooth Codec**: Some Bluetooth speakers support different audio codecs (e.g., SBC, AAC, aptX). In your phone's Bluetooth settings, try switching the Bluetooth audio codec to a different option (if available). Different codecs can affect audio latency.

2. **Reset Network Settings**: Sometimes, resetting your phone's network settings can resolve Bluetooth-related issues. Go to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings. Note that this will reset Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth settings.

3. **Clear Bluetooth Cache**: Clear the Bluetooth cache on your phone. Go to Settings > Apps > Show system apps (if necessary) > Bluetooth > Storage & cache > Clear cache.

4. **Disable Battery Optimization**: Ensure that the app(s) you are using for countdown timers or security alerts are not optimized for battery usage. Sometimes, aggressive battery optimization can cause delays in notifications and audio playback.

5. **Check App Permissions**: Make sure that the apps you are using have the necessary permissions to run in the background and send notifications. This can sometimes affect how quickly notifications are delivered and processed.

6. **Update Firmware**: Ensure that your phone's firmware (software) is up to date. Manufacturers often release updates that include bug fixes and performance improvements, including for Bluetooth connectivity.

7. **Test with Different Bluetooth Speakers**: If possible, try using different Bluetooth speakers to see if the issue persists across different models. This can help determine if the problem is specific to your current speaker(s).

8. **Contact Samsung Support**: Since Samsung is already aware of the issue and investigating it, continue to monitor for updates or patches that may address the Bluetooth latency problem. You can also reach out to Samsung support periodically for updates on their investigation progress or any potential solutions.

Bluetooth latency issues can sometimes be complex and may require software updates or optimizations from the manufacturer to resolve. If these steps do not improve the situation, continuing to work with Samsung support and providing detailed feedback about your experiences can help expedite a solution.-