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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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Basic IT, you'd think by 2020 they would have made things like these a lot easier. 


I think the lack of responses on the forum is partly to do with most upgrade customers have given up with the Samsung and Crapna fiasco. I for one have decided to not bother it's really not worth the hassle. I've paid off what I owe for the phone and will wait to see what other manufacturers deliver, im sure their will be loads of choice as the year progresses

Did you use the privacy@Klarna email address to get in touch? Same thing happened to me yesterday so I was on live chat with them today and they've told me to email that address which seems like it's not the right place to be emailing?


So basically, after many phone calls back and forth I have finally managed to place my order for the S20 Ultra Cosmic Black variant and the the way worked was I used the incognito Google Chrome Browser with refreshed cache. It worked in one go and I emailed the address they gave me and nobody got back to me. The customer service has been poor and the shipping date is for the 21st March now. Which is ridiculous but I have to wait now. I contacted customer services having a right go at them in order for them to dispatch my order as soon as possible rather than 20th March. The advisor said they will get back to me but they haven't and it's been 48 hours. The customer service has been so bad its unbelievable for company Samsung's size. I used the upgrade program last year and it was smooth. This year it has been all over the place. It is unacceptable and needs to be fixed. 


@BobbyG wrote:

Did you use the privacy@Klarna email address to get in touch? Same thing happened to me yesterday so I was on live chat with them today and they've told me to email that address which seems like it's not the right place to be emailing?

I wasn't told to use the privacy@klarna email address.  I just used live chat and he said he has passed the query onto a specialist team and that they will get back to me by email.  Nothing as of yet and I won't be holding my breath for a reply as neither seems to be addressing the problem (if this thread is anything to go by). 


Fingers crossed though.




Not sure what the current status is with ordering through the upgrade program though I've just tried to order a S20 plus 5G in Cloud Blue and the order went through straight away with no issues. Recieved Samsung order confirmation email followed by an email from Klarna confirming payment plan and credit agreement straight after order was placed.

Ironically I ordered it on my Apple Mac Book Air using the Safari browser! 

Dispatch date is for 9th march too. 


Checked Credit Karma and it's only showed 5 further soft searches and no hard search from Klarna. I'm presuming because they had already done one hard search the first time when I tried to place my original order.


Good news Tommy.


Personally I can't risk trying it again.  Don't want to have credit report issues due to Klarna's ineptitude.  Not a risk I'm willing to take for a new phone.


I'm very close to calling it a day to be honest.  It's only my techy fanboyism that has persisted thus far, but losing all enthusiasm now.  Spoke with Klarna many times and all I get is the usual canned and unhelpful responses.  A specialist team will be in touch apparently, but still waiting and not holding my breath.


After being declined on the first go, I recieved the DD confirmation by email.  Just had notification that the DD has been set-up and I can now see it in the Starling app.  What a mess this has been.


Glad people are getting some joy now though.

I still can't order through my upgrade programme. Samsung are you going to contact me regarding this?

Funny thing is I did an entire new application on my name and surprisingly it worked I did not pay the deposit etc or anything but it seems like it accepts new customers... Just shambles of a service for existing ones

I ordered on the first day and got declined. 

Tried another browser which worked not knowing that the 'declined' went through. Had to cancel one of the orders.


Got an apology as they took two deposits. 


Mines now preparing to be dispatched from yesterday 😃


Ordered mine on the 21st and still says Flexifi pending with no shipping date or weight info yet. 

Should I be concerned? This is for the s20 ultra. 

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