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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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Thanks @AidenC . Did you get a message about problems with messaging @Sam_UK? Will look into that too 

PM-ed you, @SteveJWard


Hi sachikoT, please send me a pm too, still not been able to order, must have tried 10-15 times since launch, God knows what's happened to my credit score!!🤦🏽‍♂️ Thanks

@Matncharlie Let's get you added to the list and sorted. I've sent a PM of what we need. ^SachikoT

Hi sachikoT also having problems, 2 uncompleted orders and 2 deposits on hold at the bank. Fed up with phone calls to try and sort it out. Now the ultra in grey I want to order is showing out of stock

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Have been having the same issues. I have tried to do the upgrade more than 20 times with no success. I have spoken to support line and done what they've asked me to do on the phone with no luck. 


I have emailed them 4 days ago and still no reply or confirmation of my upgrade. Despite having set up a direct debit with Klarna.


@SAMSUNG what are you doing about if?


So apologies for being dim, but how do I reply to the pm just received via email?


ignore. Sorted 🙂

if you received an email  about a PM , you will see  in the message  ---- subject: upgrade program  ( this is hightlighted a hyper textlink in blue) click on that and that will take you to your messages.


Alternatively , if you are viewing in the community  forum , look at the top of the web page and next to the search icon is another icon which is your profile,  click on that and take the drop down option messages


ignore the above, i should have read the whole of your post


@SteveJWard wrote:

So apologies for being dim, but how do I reply to the pm just received via email?


ignore. Sorted 🙂



Slightly different situation here. 


I tried to order a Samsung tv via Klarna on the 11th Feb. The Samsung website crashed after I pressed pay - long story short Klarna emailed me details of £69.90 deposit taken and new credit agreement however I never received anything from Samsung.


Have been back and forth on the phone to Klarna and Samsung with no joy at all. Samsung say the order number Klarna has is a cancelled PayPal order?!?! Klarna says the order number they gave me is definitely a Klarna order and until Samsung confirm the order in question is cancelled they will not return my deposit.


How can I solve this? On my account the order number Klarna has given me says 'PayPal credit' so something has gone seriously wrong during the ordering process. Samsung say no orders exist for me under Klarna. Are you able to help?



@SachikoT  @Sam_UK  do we only PM if the deposit was taken but Samsung didn't confirm? 


I'm in the couldn't isign and my deposits are on hold

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