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Upgrade program check your bill

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Hello am on the Samsung upgrade program  when I got my s10 I sent back my s9 got a emaill to say it now complete but when I checked my back account I noticed the first payment was took out for my s10 but two weeks later a another payment for my s9 as been taken out I phoned the number on the email I got but got told I need to phone Samsung so I did now them are trying to say I sent it back as a trade in which I did not and I need to phone that number I phoned earlier which I did but got no where am fuming never but a Samsung phone again 

Sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue, @Bamby2291

Sadly I am unable to assist you with purchase related queries from this position, therefore I recommend staying in touch with the Samsung Shop Team on 0330 726 7467 where an agent will be able to look into this for you.


I tried that number but just getting told I need to phone this number and  when I do they tell me to phone the number I used first 

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