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Trouble connecting to a third party cloud after update

(Topic created on: 23-01-2023 05:26 PM)
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Hi! I'm hoping there is a quick fix to this! I use an app that stores medical information to a third party cloud. This way both my husband and I can access wherever we are. He uses an Apple and I have the Samsung S10. After the update in Sept I haven't been able to log into to that cloud through the app. I've tried multiple Samsung devices and any that have done the version 12 update won't work. Version 10 works, desktop login works and Apple login works.  

At first I thought this was a problem that the app developer needed to fix but they have gotten no other complaints and my medical team that suggested the app haven't heard of anyone else with issues. So that leads me to believe it's just a setting or permission that may have changed and I just need to find it. Any ideas? I've allowed the app all permissions and reinstalled already with no luck.