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Cool story

(Topic created on: 08-09-2020 08:19 AM)
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So I order the Note 20 Ultra on a Sat morning and was happy to see delivery next day. What I wasn't happy to see is that the courier is DPD. Now, these guys are notorious for not being consistently good with their deliveries. What I mean by that is that it's either earlier or much later that they deliver your goods compared to what they communicate to you (if they do at all).


So anyway I get a message the next morning that the parcel will be delivered in the morning by a named driver. Happy days. I get no further comms for that day other than an email from Samsung to say that order is complete (but doesn't say anything about delivery). So about 3pm I log into my DPD to track my parcel and I see that status is DELIVERED and theres a photo of the parcel on top of some leaflets at the bottom of the stairs going into my block of flats!! Also it says received by (and a name that is a very VERY bad spelling of my name).


Naturally I go to see the package and surprise surprise, theres no package there. In my head I was like, here we go. I call DPD and they said that oh no, the driver should not have left high valuable goods at the bottom of the stairs of flats, but that they are sending the driver back to the flat to check it was not delivered in the wrong block of flats. Long story short, guy comes over in a rush and checks the place and starts knocking at my neighbours doors asking if they've seen the package. 


He then proceeds to tell me I have to now make a claim on the DPD system for a lost parcel!! Then he says "oh well that phone is only worth a Fiver since it will be automatically blocked!!" 

I call DPD back they said they will get in touch with me the next morning (yesterday). I had no contact from them.

The same day I also called Samsung and they said that their logistics team will be investigating this and will get back to me in 48hrs, so I should receive some communication back.


This is the only time I have ordered from Samsung so maybe someone here can help with my following queries:


1. Why do I have to make any claim whatsoever, other than letting them know I did not receive the phone? I have paid for something I don't have so why should it be made difficult for me to get my goods?

2. I don't think that the phone is lost with DPD but think someone stole the parcel. If so, is there any personal information in that parcel or on that phone that I need to be aware of???

3. What are my right at the moment as I feel I should have went to the store like any other normal person?


Thanks for reading so far.

Any answer is much appreciated.



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1. You have completed your side of this by letting Samsung and DpD know you haven't received the phone however I would suggest to follow any process to be able to bring this to a speedy resolution.


2. The plastic bag the box was in will have your name and address on it. The delivery note and return note inside the box with the phone will also have your name and address on and order number.


3. It's reasonable for Samsung to want to know where the phone is but that should be between them and the courier. If both accept you haven't got the phone then they should imei block it and provide a replacement phone.


If you paid by card then you could speak with your Banks Customer Services to see if your covered by their systems to get the money back to you.


I've purchased quite a few items from the Samsung Online Store and have never experienced any issues with having the items either delivered to my home or work address.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Hiya! How did you sort out your issue? I sent a tablet to repair and I got no update about the repair after few e-mails to the authorised repairer. Then one day when I was away, my parcel was delivered by DPD to a neighbor's house without my consent. The neighbors never answer the door and Samsung & DPD don't want to take responsibility. I've been sending them email's for two months and now they tell me today to report it to the police... As far as I know, they should be doing that for me. It's ridiculous...
The consumer contracts regulations state:
"The goods remain at the trader’s risk until they come into the physical possession of— (a)the consumer, or
(b)a person identified by the consumer to take possession of the goods."

Any advice, please? Thank you