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Another day of being fobbed off

(Topic created on: 08-02-2024 05:04 AM)

I’m am so glad I made my move last week. I have never been lied to and fobbed off by a company so badly in my life. I sent my faulty Samsung device back on January 30th. Since then I haven’t had a single email from Samsung. I know my phone is there because dpd says so. It’s now been over 7 days and no sign of any payment nothing. Will probably have to take this further as I can’t see me getting any money back. I’m out of pocket for my s24 ultra priced £1250,out of pocket for my trade in which is £410 and I was forced to buy a phone as Samsung left me with no phone which was priced at £750 how can such big company just shun you away and leave you with no phone. I am absolutely appalled at the service I have received and never again. Other than Amazon Samsung is the worst company I have had to deal with and if you want a Samsung phone I suggest buying it anywhere but Amazon or Samsung. (Amazon is a story for another day). There is just no customer service, reassurance nothing, you can’t even complain. I will have lost all this money but I won’t go down without a fight. I have always defended Samsungs awful customer service because they have always been good to me. For any of those that say I’m going to apple because of customer I don’t blame you at all because I’m now one of those people. Let’s just hope I have years of problem free service with my tab so I don’t have deal with Samsung ever again! 

What move? What did you return?

All that text and you missed all the vital information...

Sorry I have been posting a lot on here so it’s bit of story. I have returned an S24 ultra due to a dead pixel. Originally it was for an exchange but as I wasn’t getting the replacement till middle of march I said just return it. That was agreed but was told it would be a further 10 days at least till I get my money. Today just no I got a notification that I will get my refund, still no refund for my trade in. My move is to apple the only reason being is the customer service is much better and I won’t be left without a phone for 2-3 weeks if something goes wrong