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Network band selection no longer available

(Topic created on: 02-06-2022 01:33 PM)
Galaxy Note10 Series
UPDATE (04/07/2022): This is the response Samsung gave about band selection being disabled. It won't be coming back it seems.

Ever since I had the Note 10+ 5g, I had been able to use the band selection app to open the hidden menu which would allow me to select which bands to connect to and which bands to avoid. This was particularly important as Band 3 (1800Mhz) would give me the worst speed (~0.5 - 4 Mbps) and is at the same time the band/frequency the phone connects to constantly since it has the strongest signal strength. Band 3 also prevents my phone from connecting to 5g in my weakly coveraged area which enabled me to fix my several year long issue with terrible speeds giving me speeds up to ~200+Mbps. 

I just received the May 2022 update for my phone and I decided to update due to the camera stability improvements. After completing the update I notice that my phone is no longer connected to 5g. I check the band the phone is connected to and notice it to be Band 3. Thinking I may have forgot to turn off the Band 3, I try opening the band selection app to which it gives and error that it can't find the hidden menu.

I've come to know that this issue is widespread on the latest updates for most if not all the galaxy phones.

I don't know why the menu has suddenly disappeared or been disabled, but it is a very important feature for me and many others. I see no reason as to why this feature would be made inaccessible on Samsung devices since it isn't destructive but rather a really useful feature for many users.
Could someone with a better understanding, or better yet Samsung themselves please explain what's going on?

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Galaxy Note10 Series

Please tell me where we can find working version of "Shannon DM" tool

Galaxy Note10 Series

We definitely do not want our phones automatically connecting to the "strongest" signal available in the area.  That system is a total failure in fringe signal reception areas and in many other circumstances. The "strongest" signal has nothing at all to do with which signal might provide the best quality of service.

The menu we are talking about has been standard in Samsung phones for many years.

This allows selecting specific bands to keep locked in and rejection of bands with known service issues despite whatever the phone might think about the signal strength.


In many cases, the phones are quite useless without access to this menu and it's THE ONLY REASON WE PAID FOR A SAMSUNG PHONE.

Now some "security update" has revoked permission for us to run this vital utility.  Phones we purchased in good faith have been sabotaged by the seller such that they no longer work.  

"security" patch!?  What the hell does locking the user out of selecting a channel on their radio have to do with security?

Now people who have been wronged by this are seeking out security exploits to bypass security in order to access this menu again, making the phones far less secure than they were before.


I think Samsung has performed a criminal act by selling phones with this useful feature, then disabling the feature after making the sales.


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Galaxy Note10 Series

Last March 2023, I bought a used SM-N975U1 from Amazon, and "HAD" the same issue, but got it to work by fluke!

Until today (2023.04.12) there was no solution, until now!

I am I in FW N975U1UEU7HWB2.

  • Downloaded the latest SmartSwitch
  • It updated to version 4.3.23022_1
  • Backed up the device
  • Removed sim and UNMOUNTED sd card
  • Enabled USB Debugging
  • Download and open SAMFW FRP TOOL v4.4 (
  • "ADB" tab
  • Changed the CSC to XAA
  • After the device reboot, insert SIM

At this point, my device warned about SIM CARRIER setting applied phone will reboot,

Check to see if network selections witch works!


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Galaxy Note10 Series

REDMARKER - The Alliance app does not ask for Knox validation what so ever, at this point, for fw 7HWB2, your option didn't work for me.