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Amazon music

(Topic created on: 16-02-2022 02:38 PM)
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As I have many times before. I purchased an album from amazon music. I then proceeded to down load the album to my phone to use via Samsung music player. My amazon app said it is down loaded to my phone but the songs have not appeared anywhere in my phone. Been two days now. This phone is new to me. Note 10 plus from my last note 8. 
Any ideas people. 
Galaxy Note10 Series
Check the My Files app
Downloads and audio
And see if anything is listed there
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Galaxy Note10 Series

Hi @sidetrack  Whilst music files should be located within the My Files app with Audio and Downloads being the most obvious as @xSteveuk  has indicated sometimes Amazon Files can be in other places.  Check the settings in the Amazon Music app settings- Storage Location which should give you an idea or you can amend that.  Sometimes files are also hidden,  If you go to File Manager Menu Bar  and click the 3 dots there may be an option for Hidden Files and if so you should be  be able to locate the Folder.   More details in this articles 

Whilst  does not apply  in your case just to mention that music which is downloaded for offline listening from the streaming service (accessed via subscription rather than purchase)  can only be listened to via the Amazon music app .

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