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Sim card trays

(Topic created on: 02-10-2021 03:51 AM)
Samsung I want to give some feedback the way you make dual sim phones that support micro sd and I hope your future phones will still support micro sd as I'm a note user and this is important for me. Now when you make a dual sim variant can you make sure people can use the dual sims and the micro sd together on your next phones? I don't like the idea of hybrid sim tray very inconvenient and I'm sure others would agree.
It is annoying that I've seen some A range series have physical dual sim trays PLUS space for a micro SD slot.

Also I hate the idea of esims. I've had to do this for my Flip 3 but I like to switch between different devices depending on what I am doing or where I have to go.

Right now, there's a spike of muggings in the area and I prefer to put my sims in a more simple phone rather than take my Z Flip 3 out. In the last mugging they made the lad hard reset his phone at knife point.
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Hi @sendittoamit 

I totally understand and appreciate your viewpoint on this as many still do like using Sd cards,  but Samsung do seem to be moving towards online vault options now especially on their Flagship phones and newer phones.


That's awful and I feel for anyone put in that position.

Unfortunately nowadays these phones being expensive create an opportunity for some unscrupulous people to take advantage of an owner.

I remember when the fingerprint scanner was first introduced that some were then forcing the owner to unlock their phones before making off with them.

Personally I try not to use my phone in any areas that would leave me vulnerable to being mugged. 

I also have my phone covered for loss or theft under my Home Contents insurance.

In regards to eSims I've not needed to use this option yet as I prefer a physical sim and some networks here in the UK seem to sometimes struggle with either initially setting them up or transferring an eSim from one phone to another.

Suppose I'm just stuck in my ways with some aspects of tech.  😉

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I know sad but taking away sd card was a bad move lately I feel they are making all the wrong moves getting disappointed by the day been a Note user since day one. I think if they don't pull it off next year for me I'll be moving brand after being loyal to Samsung for last 10 years.
You are right about the esim thing. I wanted my 3 number as the esim and don't wish to speak to an advisor, I just wanted to get it done via my online account or Web chat. It was literally around 9.30pm... 3 had poor online support but EE had a very clear and straightforward process online to do it and it worked immediately for me. Think it was a 50p charge to do it... to move from physical to esim.
I'll be very careful if I am out and about.