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note 8 - files don't show up in device after downloading

(Topic created on: 28-03-2024 06:56 PM)
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download successfuldownload successful


duplicate file errduplicate file err


file not foundfile not found


no download notificationno download notification


screen after trying to open downloaded filescreen after trying to open downloaded file


hello every1, hoping some1 can help me figure out this weird thing. I've a Samsung galaxy note 8 (stock RoM, no mods ). when ever i download a file (say a pdf, for example), it says, download is complete. when i try to open, it takes me back to download page. when i search for the downloaded file, i don't find it. when i try to re-download the same file, it says, file already exists. i tried with Samsung browser & chrome. i searched the entire device (internal storage, sd card). searched by file name, searched by file type -- nothing comes up. I've tried few 'tips' or 'hacks' post googling .. settings --> apps-- > reset app preferences, settings --> show system apps --> clear cache of 'download manager' & 'downloads', file manager --> settings --> show hidden files i use only the default 'my files' app that came with the device. this phenomenon started happening only from today (as far as i can tell). earlier, i never had this problem. i don't remember tinkering with any settings on the phone. android ver -9.0, kernel -- 4.4.153, 1ui ver - 1.0