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Note 20 Ultra Restarting - worst phone ever?

(Topic created on: 07-08-2022 04:00 AM)

I've had a Note 20 Ultra since Oct 2021. Since the first day, the phone has been randomly Restarting when the phone is not being used (or a couple of times whilst using Android Auto), but not when actively being used in the hand. 

So, my own troubleshooting has included:

Auto restart checked off - done

Check to see if reboots with and without charger- done, it does with both

Operate in safe mode to check if third party app - done and it still reboots

Operate phone with only stock apps and WhatsApp - done and still reboots.

Uninstall Ring app - I don't have it installed  and never used it.

Clear cache partition - done, still reboots

Remove SD card - I don't have one inserted

Factory reset - done more than 10 times, still reboots

Return to vodafone samsung approved Tech Centre - done three times, phone reflashed and battery assembly changed - done and still rebooting. 

If anyone can offer any last advice, it would be very much appreciated. 

Now I am left to fight with Vodafone to have the phone replaced, however, I can sincerely say this is the worst phone that I have ever owned, and I have had many. I don't remember my first Nokia or Motorola phones having a fundamental issue of turning themselves off and on randomly and no longer being usable until the SIM pin is entered. LOL. What an evolution. Smartphones that don't have the basics right. What went wrong? 

My disappointment is that this is the first time I have not been able to look up an issue and find a solution. Surely this means it is a design, assembly or quality issue. 

For what was a flagship phone, having this sort of problem should be an embarrassment for Samsung for which phones exhibiting this behaviour should be immediately replaced. But I guess if it is not on fire on airplanes there is not enough bad press to spend the money on fixing it.

Anyway, I digress. As a last attempt to salvage the situation, any last minute genius ideas would be really gratefully received, before I have to consider moving eco system which I would really rather not. 


Try Below

Touch Settings.

Swipe to and touch General management.

Touch Reset.

Touch Auto restart.

To turn on Auto restart, touch the slider.

To set the time of the restart, touch Time.

Set the desired time and then touch DONE.

To set the day of the reset, touch Day.

Also check Device Care

Click the three Horizontal dot's

Auto restart at set times

Auto optimize daily.
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Hi @Members_wqOM6bz 

It does look like you've been through most of the self help troubleshooting including checking Auto Restart isn't activated.

" I've had a Note 20 Ultra since Oct 2021. Since the first day, the phone has been randomly Restarting when the phone is not being used (or a couple of times whilst using Android Auto), but not when actively being used in the hand. " 

Vodafone UK provide a 14 day cooling off period so if this had been happening from the first day my advice would have been to take advantage of that initial 14 days and have it swapped out.

It isn't reasonable to have to go through this with a new phone.

As Vodafone are the seller of the phone it's them that have a Duty of Care primarily to get this resolved,  although Samsung will endeavour to help.

You have a few choices as I see it.

Have Samsung look at the phone again.

Ask Vodafone for support under the Consumer-rights-act-2015 to assist you.

From the above link........

" How long do you have to return a faulty product? " >  30 days - six months you must give the retailer one opportunity to repair or replace it before you can claim a refund.

Who should you claim against ?  > Your rights under the Consumer Rights Act are against the retailer – the company that sold you the product – not the manufacturer, so you must take any claim to the retailer.  

Complaints/code-of-practice is Vodafone's complaint process.

The Vodafone Social Media Team's via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM maybe also be able to help as they are also part of the Customer Escalation Team's however I'd also advise to raise the complaint via the link to create a paper trail. Vodafone then have 8 weeks to resolve this.


I wish all the best. 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Adam BZH
First Poster

I have the same issue with my Note 20 Ultra

I bought it from Hong Kong.

I did my own research, you may want try it too.

1. open the SysDump by, dial *#9900# in the "Phone" app.

2. select Run dumpstate/logcat log (we don't need modem log)

3. then Copy to sdcard(include CP Ramdump)

4. go to your phoen storage, look for 'log' folder, copy  to your computer (you better zip on your phone then unzip on computer, since there are a lot of files.)

5. look for power_off_reset_reason.txt and power_off_reset_reason_backup.txt, see what reason it was.


The reason is the following 


And the reboot happened to me several times about 4 to 6 times within one month

What it is means?