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Call with Speaker - big problems with mic (cut out)

(Topic created on: 14-01-2021 08:13 PM)
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Hello folks,


I purchase the Galaxy Note 9 and its the first phone, that grinds my gears because it isn't possible to have a normal call via speaker. Previously I used 5 years long a BlackBerry Priv, that already lacks of the hardware due 3gb Ram and low processor for my usage.

When I use the speaker-mode in a normal phonecall, than it has to be silent so people can hear me. Also it is important, that I am close to the phone like 1meter. If I get further away, the phone cuts my voice often out, so the other person doesn't hear the one or other word I say.Also, if I drive in my car and have my phone in the carholder (phone to head is less than 1meter away) people have the same issue, since the noise of the car cuts my voice out too. And I already shout like a maniac to prevent the cut-outs.

Another example: I am having a call, switching to speaker, was my hands (typical in corona-time) and the phone is on the sink, then - while water is running - it cuts me out because it tries to cut out the water. When water stops, it seems fine.

I figured out, that it is a software-forced noise-reduction that comes in when I call. Sadly this is the most-worse noise-reduction I ever heard of.

Also important to know: I can use the preinstalled voice-recorder or also do whatsapp-notes. Everything works perfect. I can even move 10 meters away and you can still hear me.

I already got a few calls with Samsung and the techincal-section. They reproduced the setting and agreed, that this problem is there and that it is the intelligent noise reduction (their words). The person also tried to explain me, that in case of having such call is, that I use a Samsung-watch to take the call to a watch. Sadly there is no switch to turn off the noise-reduction. Seriously I can just say: WTF?

I also write a criticism to Samsung and they told me, that they are sorry i am not fully happy with the phone and that they tell it to the section in korea, but they cannot promise they fix it. 


So is this now the "flagship-experience" we get for so much money? I have a old phone hear at home with cables. Even there it works fine with turning on speaker. This is a joke.

Now I am thinking if I get the phone back where I bought it. What you guys say? Can I expect any help there?