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(Topic created on: 24-05-2023 09:08 PM)
Anonymous User
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I have a Samsung Galaxy A13. Usually, when I consume a lot of online content (Usually Tiktok, there's just nothing on the telly, is there?), then my content will randomly stop and my Internet connection has gone down, but not WiFi. All of my other devices are online. I don't know why this happens and sometimes my Bluetooth cuts out and refuses to even turn on, or off. (I have no clue which) I have to turn my phones wifi off, and then on. Doesn't take a minute, but it annoys me. 
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If your using Mobile Data to access online content @Anonymous User then do check in your data section for any set limits on Usage.

Also utilise any available online network checkers for your network's masts to see if any issues exist.

Mast congestion may also play a part.

In regards to your Home Broadband Wi-Fi then try changing the Wireless Channel in the routers settings just incase the one your using is suffering from congestion.

Some routers cannot auto smart switch from 2.4ghz to 5ghz.

If your router can't then some routers allow the frequencies to be manually split to 2.4ghz and 5ghz, and then you can manually connect to one and the other to test out connection. 

An option is to also forget the current connection and reset up the Wi-Fi pairing.

Does this happen with everything online or just the Til Tock App ?

You could try this generic troubleshooting step >

Clear Cache Files from the phone's System Partition Section  > You may need to insert your earphones or hook upto a powered On Laptop to access the Clear Partition Section. This may help with lag or stutters as this clears the phone of old/unused or broken cache files.There is also a Repair Apps option in the Menu System too. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Thanks for the help!
Seems to have stopped after using your method.